Get a new speaker

Previously I was using a Targus speaker which I got it when I bought my laptop.It has been used for 3 years and today its life was ended.Luckily PC fair is just starting from today,it is a chance to get a promotional price.

Just now I went to KLCC where the PC fair takes place.Many people were going there to have a look and shot for some nice price items.I directly walked to the hall that displays all kinds of speakers.For me to choose a speaker,brand is important.Yeah,those popular brands always bring their credits and quality to consumers.And secondly,as we all know,the function of speaker is to produce sounds and spread them out with less noises.So using my ears to listen to each speaker in order to access their performances.

Finally I chose SonicGear EVO5PRO and paid in cash of RM129.It’s in my budget and fit my requirement.I will take some time to adjust Treble and Bass to get better sound effect. 😀


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