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As I’m an ACCA student,at one time I bought textbooks for the same subjects from both BPP and FTC(Kaplan Financial) because I want to know about the real differences between those two.

BPP Logo V.SFTC logo

Going through my experience of reading them,I find that BPP version textbook always presents contents under syllabus in detail and used to make things easily understand.Therefore this one is good for those self-study students.On the other hands,FTC version,the textbook shows a slim body.However the vocabulary there is quite abstruse,sometimes using one sentence to cover a key point.I think this one is suitable for people who are good at understanding and  English.

Compared with prices,I think BPP is cheaper than FTC too.

Well,that’s why I always get BPP textbooks.Hopefully my 2 cents are helpful to newbie on ACCA who are still doubting on choosing textbooks.  😀

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  1. 过来踩一脚,英文太多看着怪累的.所以给你踩一脚,怎么就没什么好玩的信息呢,哎~

  2. 怎么第一次的提交失败了?


  3. Hi,

    Appreciate if you can tell me where can i purchase a copy of BPP textbook in Malaysia.

    I am residing in Melaka.

    Thank you

  4. I'm sorry to reply you so late.

    As what I know,in many colleges which provide ACCA course,they sell ACCA textbooks too.

    There is an official agency in KL,but I'm not sure for the address too.I hope my limited info can get you some idea. 🙂

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