WIGGY-P1 Wimax Portable Device

WIGGY is released.It dresses up a cool and sharp design and shows with a nice promotion currently.


In the running and upcoming PC fair,P1 Wimax will sell the device with the following plan.

WIGGY Promo Plan Do you mention that it provides up to 10Mbps for downlink?I think this is the fastest wireless broadband service in Malaysia currently and pays only RM149 per month.However,P1 Wimax still sets bandwidth limits for this package at 10GB monthly and frankly speaking,it burns my idea to try it.

My conclusion is this plan is for those young guys who may like surfing Internet all the time,but slightly downloading.

Anyway,I like to see those new stuff coming as more competitions between service providers will bring more benefits to consumers.

PS:I just came back from PIKOM PC fair in KL Convention Center and I saw the official launch and promotion there.I get some official source telling me that WIGGY,the modem itself is said to be capable of 20Mbps for downlink,but normally it could run at 5Mbps on average and once if you reach that 10GB cap,your speed will be locked at 400kbps (down) and 150kbps (up) respectively.

A bad story I had is one showgirl of P1 Wimax introduced this new product to me and said to me that Wimax never has any long latency issues as other wireless broadband such as HSPA and upon reaching the limits of 10GB,the speed would only be slightly moved to 4.8Mbps(down).I didn’t record her name and didn’t want to blame her either.However,we know that is a kind of misleading and hard sell.P1 Wimax,you have to train your employees to know all basic knowledge of your product.Otherwise,your brand will lose trust from consumers.

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