New cable in Asia

Eight Asian carriers signed a memorandum of understanding for a new regional club cable, the Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) which will finally be capable to 4Tbps.

The 4Tbs subsea system will land at nine locations between Singapore and Japan and would go into service in 2011, NTT Communications said.

As well as NTT Com, the cable has investment from China Telecom, China Unicom, Chunghwa Telecom, KT, PLDT, Telekom Malaysia and VNPT.This new cable will increase the potential capabilities of bandwidth between major Asian countries and this planned cable also avoids the earthquake-prone and cable-heavy area to Taiwan’s south, where six cables were cut in an earthquake on Boxing Day 2006, slowing regional internet bandwidth to a crawl.

In the news,it indicates that the popular cable in Asia-APCN2 has only been utilized its 15% of potential capacity,but a rapid growth may be foreseen in a near future as high speed broadband is going to be introduced everywhere in Asia.

I always blame that Telekom Malaysia lacks international bandwidth,but I think it’s hard to be improved immediately.However,now I believe that TM could get a quick enhancement on its international bandwidth once if it does want to do so as there are still lots of available bandwidths in APCN2.

We need this new cable because it will be more stable and powerful than current ones.Will it then benefit the consumers of Telekom Malaysia?Strongly doubtful!

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