More films from 15Malaysia(1)

I had posted out the first short film from the project 15Malaysia several days before.I got some comments saying that it was funny and meaningful.Well,I do agree it.

Two more short films were released in last week.

Chocolate‘ was directed by a very famous Malaysian director Yasmin Ahmad who just past away weeks ago.A sharp angle is her style of direction,so this film does.As a foreigner who has been in Malaysia for many years,I could feel the racial issue exists from the root.It brings a lot of unfairness to the people living in the same land.From my thought,it’s sometimes because of politics.In order to eliminate that issue,the politicians should learn how to jump out of this racial minds.This is the only healthy way to make the country go uptrend.

‘The Tree’ was the other short film which was released just right after ‘Chocolate’.It is directed by Amir Muhammad and casted by Y.A.B. Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat who is telling us that the God’s rule is a rule of nature,which I totally agree.

I think that is a very good start in Malaysia.At least,it shows that there are some groups of people who have realized the issues within Malaysia and already taking actions now.I hope more people could take part in it and resolve the issues one by one.A nice future of Malaysia will only stand on a good current basis.

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