Maxis reveals new wireless plans

Today Maxis shows up new decorated wireless broadband plans.Maxis is setting up the wireless plan upon its growing UMTS/HSDPA network and so theoretically the speed for downlink should be around 2-3Mbps when you’re at a good coverage area.The new plans are pricing lower than the previous ones.I think this could be considered as a fight-back to Celcom which also makes 3G data service as a part of value added services.Another mobile service player-DiGi,however,wants to assist 3G data service to be one of its main products.

I had taken a closer look at the table of new plans.It’s cheaper than before,but not attractive to me at all.

New Maxis bb monthly plan New Maxis bb daily/weekly plan The volume of usage is the way that they distinct the different plans.The most deluxe monthly plan is only of 12GB data volume,which is almost the same volume of my daily usage for watching some YouTube HD video clips,playing some online games,visiting some social networking websites and updating my blog etc-definitely not for heavy downloading.I think the plans are only good for those people who need to have broadband access on the move without occurring too many usages.

It seems Streamyx is still the king of Broadband in Malaysia in terms of prices and speeds(RM160 monthly at 4Mbps unlimited access) currently.

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