DiGi Turbo 3G

Mobile World Magazine firstly reported this news.I think most DiGi users will be happy to hear this.However,some people will be upset when they get the full story because the information up to date only says DiGi Turbo 3G will land in Penang and Kota Kinabalu on October 22nd,2009.No other places are listed in the picture.

DiGiFrankly speaking,I like this name ‘turbo’.From my understanding,turbo means boosting on speed.Thus,DiGi Turbo 3G should be a kind of higher speed broadband plan,perhaps packing with 3G voice service too.I guess the reason DiGi doesn’t want to introduce this new service in Klang Valley is either some delays on upgrading of hardware/software there or some physical testing/enhancements going to be done in Penang and Kota Kinabalu initially so that the most popular area-Klang Valley will get the best performance later when DiGi Turbo 3G being introduced one day.

Anyway,I’m still waiting to hear the official announcement to clear my mind now. 🙂

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