Malacca Trip

I joined the company trip of my wife to Malacca for the past weekend.That’s the first time to be there and I found that Malacca is really a city where all have ancient feelings.

My wife and I like to visit Jonker Walk(Jalan Hang Jebat,see the map below).In fact,we went there 3 times in 2 days.I would say that the view there day and night is totally different.At the daytime,the street is quiet,but there are still some souvenir shops and restaurants opening,including the very famous ‘chicken rice ball’;at night,all street stalls start the business along the street and the linked area.Locals and foreigners can always get their fun somewhere.

Enlarge the map

We also took Cendol in a local Nyonya restaurant.I have to say that was the most delicious cendol I’ve tried.It just took away the heat of my body in a sunny day.

Cendol Now I’m planning to visit Malacca again to enjoy the nice moments.

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