WordPress 3.0

As a blogger,I think no one will ask what is WordPress.Now it comes to another milestone WordPress 3.0.This new version makes a lot of improvements and changes.I will just list out the points which are great in this latest WordPress.

  • A sexy new default theme called Twenty Ten.The new theme is awesome.It comprises some modern elements in the design and leaves quite a lot of spaces for being customized by the different groups of users.
  • Merge of MU and WordPress.That means from now on,WordPress could also support multi-users/multi-sites.
  • Lighter interface
  • The better contextual help for every page
  • 1217 bugs fixed and enhancements
  • Bulk updates for plug-ins as well as themes

Let’s see the introduction from the official:

Just upgrade your current WordPress by a single click and you could then enjoy the fun from the new one. 🙂

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