Celcom releases another crazy product

Today maybe is a crazy day for Malaysia’s mobile service providers.In the morning I just blogged about Umobile RM28 prepaid data+voice plan,later I received the news about Celcom updated Xpax prepaid plan offering 28cen for every 10 minutes talking time in the same network or for every 5 minutes talking time in different network.

It’s really good for those people who like to have a long conversation on their mobile phones.I feel that as the mobile market in Malaysia is already saturated,mobile service providers start to reduce the rates to attract more potential customers to take their services.

I think DiGi is the one suffer the most in this battle because most of their customers are low-mid class who are quite concerning about the rates.I’m interested in how DiGi will fight against the competitors.Will it be the smarter choice?Let’s wait and see.

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