Strong suggestions to Umobile

I’ve used Umobile‘s service for 3 weeks.The overall experience is quite good,however,there are still some spaces to improve.

1.Umobile is not supporting 5-digit special number.

Many banks and government services use special 5-digit to communicate with existing stakeholders.Well,I find that I can’t send through sms to 39222 to make complaint to Sysbas or 32300 to OSK investment bank alerting service.It could cause some inconvenience to me and I’ve realized that I’m not alone as quite a number of Umobile customers complained about it before.I hope Umobile could support 5-digit special number as soon as possible.I think it’s essential work to be completed by a qualified mobile service provider.

2.Umobile has an inefficient hotline in the night time.

I called Umobile hotline 0183881318 at around 10pm several days ago.I hold the line for 1 hour and the voice in the phone was keeping saying that all operators were busy at the moment.I’m wondering whether they have officers providing service during the night.Good thing is the hotline line is free of charge.However,my time is valuable too.

3.Data roaming in Celcom 2G network always had problems.

I feel glad that finally Umobile users(not U broadband users) could enjoy data roaming on Celcom 2G network now.Unfortunately,it does not run well at the moment.I tried to get 2G data connection when travelling to outstations,sometimes if I was lucky enough,I could get EDGE connection although the speed is slow,but better than nothing.However,I was not always that lucky,7 over 10 times,I failed to get 2G data connection.I tested in my Nexus One and Nokia 5800XM,all show the same issues.In this case,I’m not alone too.I know many Umobile users face the same problem too.

I heard that Umobile is targeting to be one of the mainstream mobile service provider in Malaysia by 2012.Well,without solving the above issues,that could be only in a dream.Wake up,Umobile!

3 thoughts on “Strong suggestions to Umobile”

  1. U mobile Totally cheating consumer…renew on 1st August 2014 but just use it on what’sapp,wechat and email…when 9th August 2014 already send me msg say I’m using 80%…my total data is 5gb+5gb…I can’t believe in 9days only my data already using finish…after call customer service I ask they email me my usage but they Just told me only can check for total usage…mean if anytime I didn’t use also can’t check it…wtf.pls stop to using u mobile…

  2. Yes I also got problem
    I topup RM70 but before chose my new plan all my amount exhausted leaving only 0..05 cent.

    There is no proper reason from customer care

    Please let me know how to contact directly U MOBILE

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