Yes 4G is everywhere

I seldom talk about Yes 4G because till now I have’t had a chance to try the service.Well,it’s quite new compared with P1 4G which has been running this 4G service for years.However,Yes 4G is catching up as quickly as they can.Now the battle has moved to multiply platforms,including mobile advertisement.

Yesterday,when I started to play the latest Angry Birds Rio Beach Volley Update in my Nexus One,a pop-up ad came in front of me.I made a snapshot of it.

Wow,I felt so surprised that I could see this ad in a game. 🙂

Well,that also indicates that the management of YTL communication,the service provider of Yes 4G,has put great efforts on promoting it and intends to win the battle with an outstanding result.If there is no minimum RM30 usage monthly,I think I will definitely get one for spare use when I can’t get a good 3G reception on the go.

Now I’m just looking forward to see more flexible plans to be introduced. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Yes 4G is everywhere”

  1. have you checked out P1? their modem seem to work alot better…though. at least in my area. Depends on your area coverage too.

  2. heard that YES is facing a lawsuit soon and a very big one for misleading clients in Malasysia. They oversold through their advertisements especially where dongle warranty is concerned.

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