Sonic Gear Tatoo 515 speaker review

Most laptop speakers are working quite lousy except your laptop is quite high end so that the speakers are designed by some audio experts such as Altec Lansing.Well,my laptop is not so lucky and today I just shopped one to let me have a bit better audio experience-the model is Sonic Gear Tatoo 515.

It’s a low end product with a quite low price,selling at only RM69(US$23) in Thunder Match.It’s a 2.1 channel audio system with 2*4W small speakers and 1*8W little sub-woofer.The overall design is really simple and clear,but I really care the sound quality,at least it should worth the price.

I tested to play some 1080P HD trailers from Youtube as well as a few classical musics and I feel that the speakers could play voices quite clear,but treble is a bit thin and bass is not deep enough.However,considering that is such a mini system,it’s quite fair.So I still think it’s a good choice if you are not a HiFi user.Of course,no one will think that products locating in this range could be outstanding.Cheers! 😀


2 thoughts on “Sonic Gear Tatoo 515 speaker review”

    1. The price is cheap,the sound is quite ok.However,if you wanna get it for rocking around,that is not the good choice as the bass is not powerful. 😛

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