Days in my howntown

I just spent a wonderful Chinese New Year with my family in Jiading,Shanghai-the place I born and grew up.It was quite cold there,but feeling warm in my deep heart.Every day was so busy,but meaningful.

My whole family visited my uncle’s home in Nanxiang,Shanghai.In the past,it’s a farming area.Now,with the development of the city,most of them have their new houses to live.My uncle and his family now live in a rural villa which is very large and comfortable.

We also visited Tian Zi Fang(near Shanghai Metro No. 9 Line-Dapuqiao station,No.1 exit) in another day.The place is full of Shanghai style.I have never been there for more than 10 years and it’s now turning to a very hot flea market and a artwork market.

We also can’t miss to have a walk in Zhou Qiao,Jiading.It’s being more beautiful at night.

Of course,having meals with my lovely family is still the greatest thing.My dad is quite good at cooking,so we all try to eat as much as we can. 😛

Now I have already started to think what I wanna eat when I come back to my hometown again in this October.I know I am greedy. 😀

Wish all have a healthy and wealthy new year!

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