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I sold off my Motorola Razr Maxx days ago and decided to buy another Android phone to play with.Samsung Galaxy S3 is the most popular and powerful Android phone in the world currently and so it’s in my shopping list.

I visited some physical shops as well as online sellers and found that Lazada Malaysia selling this phone with a fair price.Well,I’ve heard some negative comments on Lazada  such as delayed delivery or low efficiency etc.However,I still wanna try it to see if it’s really that bad.Finally I made the order paid by credit card on 14th November 2012 and sat tightly to wait for delivery.

On 16th November 2012,I called Lazada Malaysia customer service to ask when they could deliver my phone and I got a surprising answer,”Sir,your phone has been shipped on 14th November 2012(the day  I just ordered) and if no accident,you could receive it by today”.The staff also gave me the tracking number for reference.By the way,they use ‘TaQBin‘ as the carrier service,the No.1 carrier service in Japan.

In the afternoon(about 2pm),the item came.It packed well and nicely.It breaks most of the negative comments,at least this time.Good job,Lazada Malaysia!Here’s the tracking record:

Overall,I have to say this online experience is quite good.However,Lazada Malaysia still has a lot of things to improve,especially the internal system.In my case,you can find in ‘my orders’ there,it shows the status ‘paid,but not shipped’.Even now it still shows the same stuff.They should frequently update the status with tracking information so that customers could easily know the exact delivery date.

I believe most negative comments are based on the fact,but Lazada Malaysia does make their improvements to bring better shopping experience.I will keep my eyes on them.

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  1. hi,

    great review about Lazada website. I have been hesitating to order from them. I came cross a lot of good and bad reviews about the company, yesterday i came cross a website offer cashback rebate on lazada :

    I decided to give it a try, i have placed my first order for a camera, and i am looking forward to see how my own personal experience will looks like.

  2. hai, my i know,,, is it ur phone is really genuine product from samsung,,, because i am about to buy the S4 one, the price more cheaper than physical store,,,,, just wanna ur confirmation,, thanx!

  3. lazada delivery fast but product not good . I bought a nokia lumia 520 from them. within one year, screen problems and calling problems all pop up.

    1. I don’t think you can blame Lazada on this matter as Nokia is the manufacturer,not Lazada.All goods are packed well and then deliver to consumers,Lazada can’t know whether the goods inside the package are good or bad. Thus,if your item has any problem which is not due to handling or delivery,you can’t blame on them. However,I have to remind here that the downside of buying online is you can’t check it when you buy it. For phones or other expensive items, I think it’s better to buy from physical shops .

  4. I have no problem buying things from Lazada. Ever since I have bought a few items from them for a few times. But I’m abit skeptical they way they do promotion. Is this a business strategy to create consumers awarness or a scam. Their products can be discounted a few hundreds from its original price. And I’m so desperate to know are they selling authentic items or what. Recently, wanna get myself a g-shock watch, compare with other sellers and website, lazada selling price extremely crazy cheap.

    1. I should note that the above-mentioned case was a separate case as I’m still their customer now. I just hope to share the story and to let people aware of the potential problems they might face. For your question, I have to admit that I also have such doubt too. Thus, I always try to find goods from those big sellers to avoid any issue.

  5. my experience….

    1. Drop an order, delivery ETA 3-5 says days , waited 6 days. no news.
    2. Drop them an inquiry email to lazada, got a reply 3 days after. as per usual “we are sorry for the inconvenience, currently coordinating with the relevant department” blah.. blah.. blah…
    3. (3 days after) first they called & claimed that they will deliver the item next day.
    4. (the next day) waited the whole day. No news, no call from them.
    5. drop them a last sarcastic email commenting for their good job. end of story.

    the best part is… the feedback survey they sent to rate their service… they commented their stuff in it. WTF lol.. although i dont get the item but at least i had a good laugh.

    keep up the good work Lazada.

    [email protected]
    To May 4 at 12:58 PM

    Dear Valued Customer,
    We’ve marked this ticket 1648249 as solved. Not true yet? No worries. Just
    reply back or click the link below and we will be glad to assist you.

    Bjane, May 4, 12:58 PM:
    Dear ,

    First and foremost, we profusely apologize for any inconvenience caused. Kindly be informed that we already coordinated with our partner courier regarding the status of your order. They informed us that the order is currently out for delivery.

    Please be advise that the standard delivery time frame of an item is 5 to 8 working days (excluded week ends) upon placing an order.

    We appreciate your cooperation and understanding and assure you that we are constantly evolving to better suit your needs.

    For further details on your order you may refer to the following link also-

    Should you require further assistance please feel free to revert to us and we will be glad to assist you. Check out the infinite possibilities at your fingertips on Thank you for shopping at Lazada Malaysia.

    Bjane | Customer Service Associate|
    Chris, May 3, 6:05 PM:
    this is the third time already, WTF is going on? making me wait all day NO CALLS NO SHIT
    Shipment will arrive by: 4 May – 5 May, 2016
    tracking ID:
    Shipped by ‘LEX’ courier
    Item Status History
    Status Date

    Status History
    Package Location
    2016-04-29 09:49:28 Being Picked-up at Merchant Lex’s Sortation Center
    2016-04-29 16:36:37 Failed – Merchant could not handover the parcel to LEX Lex’s Sortation Center
    2016-05-03 10:02:36 Awaiting at merchant – LEX to arrange Pick-up Lex’s Sortation Center
    2016-05-03 10:03:51 Being Picked-up at Merchant Lex’s Sortation Center
    2016-05-03 10:10:10 Cancelled by the merchant Lex’s Sortation Center
    Your Current Package Status is Cancelled by the merchant

  6. Super pissed off. i ordered a phone but got sent the wrong, cheaper version with scratched screen. They refused to replace it, and when i asked for a refund they sent me a long list of conditions and procedures to follow, which did not make sense. After two weeks of numerous phone calls and emails, they still did not give a definite answer and I had no choice but to keep the defective item. Never, ever again.

  7. Hey just want to make sure you guys are aware that Lazada does delete negative comment on their vendor.

    I bought a Sennheiser CX300 on Lazada and realize the product is counterfeit. I return the product and left a negative comment warning consumer about the product. I have contact Lazada 3 times and was promise a resolution. Its been 2 months already. I have yet to receive a refund or a reply on why my review was delete.

    Seems like a dishonest company to me. My warning, do NOT buy anything that might be counterfeit. Do NOT buy any of their fashion product ( eg bags…). I bought a leather bag from them ( was not cheap ) and the quality was really bad. I am just going to burn the bag.

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