TuneTalk Prepaid Review

TuneTalkI‘ve tried many mobile telco services since MNP available in Malaysia.At first,I changed to DiGi from Maxis as it’s cheaper at that time.However,I gave it up soon because of its bad coverage,especially 3G. So U Mobile got to be my second choice:better plan and quite good 3G coverage as well as speed.Well,after more than one year,I find that there are some weird issues such as hard to connect 3G data with full signal or always sucessfully running on roaming mode when outstation but failing to get data connection.As a heavy mobile data user,it makes me really sad.I want to get a service with reasonable price and good data service quality.Now,I turn to try TuneTalk.

I directly order the SIM pack from the website.It’s free of charge and with RM2 airtime.The only thing you need to do is filling the form with your own particulars,choose the number you wanna get to use and submit it.You can choose to get either normal SIM,micro SIM or even nano SIM.

Tune Talk - The Cheapest Mobile Prepaid Service in Malaysia - This is Prepaid!

The free SIM pack will be delivered to you within 3-5 working days normally by PosLaju service.In my case,I ordered in Monday afternoon and received it in Wednesday afternoon.Fast,right?Here’s what I get in the package.

TuneTalk SIM

I know people may ask that TuneTalk has serviced for years and why now I only consider to change to this.Well,you know I’m a heavy mobile data user who always twits with photos,streaming musics on-the-go etc.So I not only need a data connection,but also a faster one.Previously,TuneTalk limited the speed at only 300kbps and that’s not good enough.The good news is the limit had been upgraded to 2Mbps for both downlink and uplink since last December.Here’s the speed test result through my Samsung Galaxy S3.

Speed Test on TuneTalk

I’m very satisfied with this kind of performance.I hope it could keep it and even better in the near future. TuneTalk presets the downlink/Uplink QOS at 3684Kbps.I took another speed at 2am and the result was close to the theoretical one.

TuneTalk Speedtest

After the speed test,I decided to port my current U Mobile number into TuneTalk. I spoke to the customer service officer by phone and surprised me that only after 3 hours,the port-in had been successful(I was told to wait for 24-48 hours for the whole processing).That’s what we call ‘efficiency’.


Oh,forget to mention that only for online free SIM user,we can get 100% rebate during first Top Up within the first 30 days of the SIM card’s activation(maximum capped at RM50).I just reloaded RM100 and now I’m waiting for my rebate.

I will keep updating on my user experience with TuneTalk.I hope it will never fail me.


I had the problem to receive M2U TAC code and HSBC OTP.So I contacted Maybank customer service and they told me that Maybank only supports to send TAC code to original TuneTalk number.That means porting from other mobile service providers will be unable to receive it.For TuneTalk,change a number is quite easy.Just need to login into the self care portal and choose a favorite number.All could be done within minutes.After that,I update the mobile number at Maybank ATM and called to Maybank customer service again to remind them to update the info.Well,finally I could receive TAC code now.For HSBC,it’s a bit easier,just called them and let them update the number.That’s all.

[Update]: Due to some fraud,TuneTalk currently stops the International credit transfer service to China until further notice.


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  1. You mentioned “login into the self care portal and choose a favorite number”, that means choose another phone number link to original phone number in tune talk ?

    So when i need to change number to receive TAC code for other bank, which number that i need to submit ? the favorite number you choose or MNP number ?


    1. Hi,

      That function allows you change your current TuneTalk number to another new number that you prefer.That means your existing TuneTalk will be replaced by the new favorite number.After that change,you need to inform bank to send the TAC code to your new number,otherwise you could never receive them.

      1. I’m a bit confuse.

        I plan to port my digi number to tune talk.Let say Maybank cannot sent TAC code to 016XXXXXXX after MNP to tune talk, then i have log in self care portal change to a new number and inform maybank send the TAC code to this new number, right ? So how about 016XXXXXXX ? i still can use 016 number to receive and make call ?


        Sorry to ask more caused i had suffer this problem as i try porting number to U mobile.

        1. Let’s assume the new number you get from TuneTalk self care Portal is 010XXXXXXX.

          So once you ported your DiGi number to TuneTalk and select a new number which is 010XXXXXXX,this number will replace your old DiGi number,meaning that your DiGi number doesn’t exist anymore.Thus,all your calls are from 010XXXXXXX,not 016XXXXXXX.

  2. As you porting number to U mobile, can it receive TAC number ?

    I am fail to receive it then have to use back Digi.

  3. If couldnt receive TAC due to porting, best place to complain is MCMC. Porting philosophy is all numbers can be used by all telco, transparent to the user, shouldn’t be a burden to the user.

    Although technically challenging to diverts calls and SMSes between telcos, but thats what we are paying for.

    1. FYI, I port from celcom -> digi -> Umobile.

      No problem getting TAC while with digi. But can feels there are some delays on TAC delivery after port to Umobile. And also missed TAC. Not sure whether I got miss SMS or not.

      1. i’m porting from celcom to tunetalk earlier this year. at first week i cant get my TAC from maybank n hsbc also. but a week after that i’m able to receive TAC feom maybank. how ever i didnt try for hsbc since i change my mobile no for hsbc TAC request to my other number (Umobile)

      2. Hi, I recently ported from Maxis to Umobile.

        Initially cannot receive TAC however after I updated Maybank on the change of network provider, I can receive TAC very fast with no more non receipt problems.

        My advise is to call your Bank to inform them to change the network provider and all your problems will be solved

  4. How’s the coverage and 3G speed now? Remain good or better or worse? Do they have H and H+? Celcom has it but they told me only 3G. When will they implement the LTE, any ideas?

    1. It’s still good as what I said before. TuneTalk is riding on Celcom network and Celcom has the best 2G and 3G coverage in Malaysia. They definitely have H+ in most 3G-enabled area and they are implementing 4G LTE in some strategic locations too. They are keeping expanding 4G coverage,but up to now,Celcom hasn’t open its 4G network to their MVNOs like TuneTalk. That means TuneTalk only has 2G and 3G network currently.

  5. Hi,

    I have previously ported my Maxis number to Umobile without any problem, I receive the TACs even without informing CIMB and never missed one. Now I want to port from Umobile to CIMB, will I face problems with the TAC?

  6. The point is that I want to have only one number, and want to keep mine. If I will not be able to get TAC after porting to TuneTalk, may be I should think twice 🙂

    1. That’s what nobody could be sure about. But my wife who previously is Maxis user changed to TuneTalk 2 months ago and she didn’t face TAC issue. Again,it could be her luck or maybe the TAC issue had been solved or no problem between Maxis and TuneTalk. We don’t exactly know. 😛

  7. I just port my number from Digi to tune talk recently. Ething looks great, Internet access, receiving calls, sms doing fine.. except for the making calls function.
    I couldn’t locate where is the problem, whether with the sim card or my own mobile phone itself. I’ve called the tune talk service center and they guided me but still prob is there.

    I am using iphone4 n not planning to change to a new one yet. Can someone guide me how to resolve this prob?

    1. That’s one of the reason I stay with TuneTalk – they always give response and intend to help-unlike some mobile operators. I reported several times for bad network performance. They may not be able to fix it immediately because they are just riding on Celcom’s network. However, they did remember to keep me posted.

  8. Actually I was thinking either taking Altel or TT but after reading many positive comments here I decided to take TT. I bought a TT RM10 prepaid from a shop after activation to my surprise the balance was only RM0.50 (suppose to be RM4.00 by default). I called TT CS, lady pick up and promise forward the matter to respective person in charge. After few days due to xmas, a guy name Mr. Lam call me asking me few questions the next day TT gave me back RM10. According to them the shop selling their card has been investigated. Their CS is very responsive and good in my opinion.

  9. For those who already switched to TT do you guys having problem receiving TAC from both maybank2u and maybank CC ctr any delay or don’t receive at all? Plan to switch but will use new number from TT. Pls advise, thanks in advance.

    1. Had the problem for TAC many years when porting in,however,it solved by communicating with bank. I think nowadays new number from TT should not have such issue at all.

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