U Mobile adds UMI 38 Plan with Free Messaging

U Mobile today introduces new unlimited Internet prepaid plan UMI 38 with 500MB high-speed quota,200 minutes talking time and 30 sms for 30 days.It’s said to be the best balanced plan and should fit most people’s daily use.

UMI 38

Well,U Mobile also informed that a new service called ‘Free Messaging’ is available to all UMI 28, UMI 38 and UMI 48 subscribers. ‘Free Messaging’ service is based on the partnership with two popular mobile apps – Kakao Talk and WeChat. It allows KaKao Talk and WeChat users freely chat with friends,send photos or any other in-app features without reducing your data quota.Is that awesome?

U Mobile is very smart.As they are one of the smallest mobile service providers in Malaysia.They are really hard to compete against the giants such as Maxis/Celcom. The best way to attract more customers is to know the trend and produce innovative services .I think now they are on the right track.

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