ONEplan from Maxis

After silence for quite a while, Maxis starts to release new postpaid plans to start the battle again. This time there are two plans being introduced: ONEplan lite & ONEplan .

Maxis ONEplan

The new plans are designed to be simply understand- 1 plan including all you need for talking,texting and surfing.

Maxis ONEplan details

However,I believe the new plans are good for those businessmen who mostly spend their time to communicate with others by phone. For younger generation who prefer more on data service,this plan seems to be expensive and useless.

At the same time,Maxis also offers new data boost options:

Maxis Data boost

Just dial *100# to make your selection.

How do you think about this plan? Good? Frankly speaking, I’m not interested in it.

4 thoughts on “ONEplan from Maxis”

  1. They are charging RM128 for OnePlan which gives 2GB internet and 3000min, 3000SMS, if customers use 50% of the minutes and SMS to DiGi/Celcom/U-mobile, they have to count 3000X5cents=RM150 for outpayment cost [interconnection charge for inter-operator calls and SMS]………..ignoring the cost of 2GB internet, for the interconnenction charge itself they have to pay RM22 from pocket…….curious to see next quarter financial report. LOL

    1. Yup,but I don’t think nowadays there are still many people using traditional sms/calls,at least people around me are always using Whatsapss/Wechat/Viber to communicate,most of them will not send more than 10 sms per month.

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