TuneTalk 4G LTE is around the corner

One of the most successful MVNO in Malaysia,TuneTalk, is just about to start their 4G LTE service. As I’m so lucky to be the first few to try it, I decide to share some speedtest results out to let your guys feel envy !

TuneTalk rides on Celcom’s network that the 4G LTE network is working on Band 3(1800MHz) and Band 7(2600MHz) currently. However,my current device could only work on Band 3,thus the speedtest results may not reach the best performance it could be.

In order to get the fairest results,I took the tests continuously at the same place. I also made the speedtest on 3G so that it’s simple to make a comparison.

So it’s clear that TuneTalk 4G wins the battle against TuneTalk 3G.

Speedtest table

As you can see, TuneTalk 4G has much lower latency,more than 1.6 times faster on download and 4.47 times faster on upload compared to the 3G service. So switch to 4G is always the right choice.

Currently TuneTalk 4G LTE is only for selected group of customers. However,some dealers will have LTE SIMs next week.They also said  that availability for all subscribers will be coming real soon. That’s really good,but I start to worry about my data volume now. 🙂

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