[First in Malaysia] – Xpax now allows to carry forward the unused Internet quota

Celcom’s prepaid brand- Xpax just released its new Internet plans recently.

The new Internet plans are said to be from 90 Sen daily and fit all kinds of customers’ needs.3 monthly plans are available now : RM28(1GB),RM38(2GB),RM58(4GB).Of course,you could choose the weekly plan RM10(300MB) or the biweekly plan RM20(800MB).Xpax customers could continue to surf with no extra charge at 64kbps as long as the Internet plan is active. In addition to this, Xpax customers also could enjoy free WiFi(same quota as your Internet plan) by connecting to Celcom WiFi Hotspots.

New Xpax Internet Plans

However,these are not the most awesome stuff. I believe many Internet plan customers have unused quota occasionally and most of them have to be wasted. Xpax now allows to carry forward your unused quota unlimited times,but the amount of data to be carried forward can not be more than your Internet plan’s quota.Is that nice?Just make sure that you have enough credit in your account for auto renewal.

You can find more details about the new plans here.

2 thoughts on “[First in Malaysia] – Xpax now allows to carry forward the unused Internet quota”

  1. Bulshit product. I have 5gb unused internet and only allowed 30mb carry forward on my rm1 plan…waste my rm50 additional data top up (actually rm53 after gst). Disgusting.

    1. Hi there, there are always some terms and conditions,so I spend a lot of time on reading them before using a new product/service. As I mentioned in the post,the unused data that could be carried forward can’t be more than your data plan itself. So in your case,you subscribed RM1 daily plan,only for 30MB. Thus,only 30MB could be carried forward.

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