Know Android M in 5 minutes

In today’s Google I/O,Google disclosed the next Android version- Android M. No major changes on design, it’s more on improving from the fundamentals.

  • Permissions:

In Android M, users are allowed to decide whether to grant permissions for some app. Currently some security apps have provided the same functions like this,but Google wants to build it into system level to enable users controlling it.

  • App links:

Android allows apps to link with URLs for long time. Now on Android M, it allows apps to link with other apps so that the experience on multitasking could be much more smooth than before.

  • Battery:

“Doze” is introduced in Android M. It uses motion detectors to know whether the device has been unattended for a while and manages to back off some background activities,refreshing less than normal for longer battery hours.

  • Now on tap:

Google Now will enter into a new era that users can directly use this service when using other apps without saying “Ok google”.

  • Android Pay & Fingerprint

Android wants to join the mobile payment battle against Apple. With native fingerprint support in Android M,Android Pay is being more secure and efficient. Some new APIs will allow fingerprint authorisations to apps as well.

If you wanna know details about Google I/O 2015,enjoy the full keynote!

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