No Signal? No worries!

U Mobile,the smallest Mobile Network Operator(up to date) in Malaysia,launched Wifi calling feature which allows users to make/receive calls over Wifi natively.


The call rate is just the same as the standard rate for local and international calls. When you’re travelling overseas with Wifi calling enabled,by connecting to Wifi hotspot,you could easily call your friends and family without any roaming charges.Some people may experience the bad indoor coverage at home or office. Just connect your home/office Wifi with Wifi calling enabled and you will never miss a single call from now on.

Currently this Wifi calling feature is only available to selected iPhone models:


To enable it,it only takes several simple steps.Before that,you need to make sure that your phone is with iOS 9.3 and above:




Is that awesome? If you’re using an Android phone,don’t be sad. U Mobile said it will start to support Android phones from Q3 this year. Stay tuned!

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