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Angry Birds Space is coming out

Rovio created Angry Birds one year ago and till now the series of games are still in the list of most downloaded games.Today,Rovio releases a new version of Angry Birds,called ‘Space‘.Well,pigs now will fly. :D

Actually it was be introduced in SXSW some days ago with Samsung Galaxy Note LTE.However,it turns to be available to all popular platforms.

If you’re interested in this game,you can get to download it by following methods.

Enjoy guys!

(credit to Engadget)


Highlights on Google I/O 2011 Day 2

Google I/O Day 2 introduces batches of excellent enhancements about Chrome and also officially releases Chromebook.

Google announced that up to date,there are 160 million Chrome users all over the world and the number is increasing.That means Google Chrome has more attentions in the browser market.Google Chrome will never stop to improve the performance and simplify the user experience.

1.Chrome is going to add some useful features such as speech and live translate.To fulfill the features will be tremendously easly-just need add on one row of codes. That’s all.

2.Chrome will have better GPU Accelerated Canvas 2D support,meaning that the websites written by CSS will get much faster loading speed in the near future.

3.Chrome is keeping focus on Canvas 3D and WebGL which could enhance web gaming experience.From the test result of FishIE tank,the next edtion of Chrome could run 10X faster than current one.

4.In-app payments will be rolled out in Chrome web store.The whole process will be very simple,a few clicks could complete the transaction.And Google also claims that only 5% of sales will distribute to Google,the rest of 95% sales will all belong to the developers.

5.With the improved performance of Chrome,web games have been possible.This time,Angry Birds land into Chrome Web Store with exclusive levels for Chrome users.

6.Chrome OS will be available in and Bestbuy in US from 15 June,2011 as well as well other 6 countries:UK,Italy,Spain,France,Germany and Netherlands.All features are based on cloud and Chrome OS need only 8 seconds to boot up,usable for up to 8 hours.Some features will also be available for offline use,for example Gmail,Google docs and Google Calendar in this summer.Samsung and Acer are the main manufacturers of chromebook.The monthly subscription for business is US28/user;for schools and government administrations,US20/user.

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Sudoku is not a new game,but recently I begin to play it frequently with no reason.Perhaps I want to get a higher IQ.  :D

With a reference of Wiki,Sudoku,in short,is a logic-based number-placement puzzle.The objective is to fill a 9×9 grid so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 boxes (also called blocks or regions) contains the digits from 1 to 9 only one time each. The puzzle setter provides a partially completed grid.

SudokuI always visit WebSudoku playing online.In that website,you could choose your preferred difficulty levels of games to fit your demands-a challenge or only a relaxation.

During the long holidays,if you feel bored,just go to play it.It will definitely help to remove your depressed mood and probably let you be smarter with no cost.Isn’t it perfect?

PS3 or Xbox 360?

PS3 and Xbox 360 are the best selling video game consoles in the world.Both of them are having strong supports of software(games) so that the users can easily get every kind of entertainment from that box nowadays.Meanwhile,a lot of hardware producers are starting their works to make enhanced accessories in order to fit every gamer’s demands. So what we want,what we get-it’s the real thing!





Some of my friends are always confusing on choosing a proper one.However,I can’t give them a reasonable advice at all because I’m not an expert on that area too.Thus,I tried to search for answers from some forums and professional websites.After all,I get my conclusions:

PS3 is good at describing the details of pictures.So if you have an HDTV at home and equip with your PS3,you will surely get a perfect experience on your vision.The bad stability of network function is a real  death-wound.Compared with PS3,Xbox 360 looks like more popular because it can perform well in any situation(with/without HDTV).Actually once you put it with Windows Media Center,it will not only be a game console,but also a powerful home entertainment system which you may not imagine.

PS3 and Xbox360 are sold at almost the same price(RM1500-1700).Which would you buy,PS3 or Xbox360?

Been tagged…(101-ways funny couple)

1. 接吻时咬他舌头 (by Yeng)
2. 约会迟到两小时 (by Yeng)
3. 打口水战! (by Yeng)
4. 爱理不理(by 雨夜小鬼)
5. 吩咐他去买卫生棉(by 雨夜小鬼)
6. shopping时可以选购衣服考验他的耐性(by 雨夜小鬼)
7. 在他面前和他的好朋友搞暧昧,然后看打架live show(by 雨夜小鬼)
8. 在他跟朋友玩game时要他关掉电脑陪我(by 天使)
9. 故意不要给他牵手,看他难过的样子(by 天使)
10. 叫了食物不要吃,要他吃完(by 天使)
11. 故意不小心叫别人Honey~还要是他最讨厌那个!! (By 瓶主 -Loi-)
12. 几天不接电话,不开门,不理他~ <这个我常常做~~哈哈!!> (By 瓶主-Loi-)
13. 如果他比较爱你,每天平均说一次分手… (By 瓶主 -Loi-)
14. 如果你比较爱他,分分秒秒提醒他你这一生一世粘定他了…. (By 瓶主 -Loi-)
15. 告诉他,我要结婚了~ 但新郎不是你!!! <新郎是Keanu Reeves> (By 瓶主 -Loi-)
16.牵手时把铺满“鼻涕”的tisu塞进他手里,当作“爱的礼物”..(by 鱼鱼)
17.告诉他,我们只是“好朋友”,而不是“男朋友”..(by 鱼鱼)
18.睡觉时,故意把他的被被抢过来盖..(by 鱼鱼)
19.在他的大肚腩上签上大名,代表你是我的..(水墨笔很难洗的)..(by 鱼鱼)
20. 买了‘内在美’请他拿去柜台付钱! (by 魔羯女)
21. 半夜在枕边磨刀! (by 魔羯女)
22. 有事没事让他跪榴莲顶菠萝! (by 魔羯女)
23. 规定他每天要说一句新的爱语 (by 魔羯女)
24.故意放飞机, 然后要他再回来载女朋友 (by Akira)
25.要他去捉蟑螂, 来证明爱女朋友 (by Akira)
26.做错事了, 要他去穿女生的衣服, 来惩罚他 (by Akira)
我还是选择放了无声屁后,悄悄走开,然后把男友反锁在内,哇哈哈哈哈!(by Chobits)
28.半夜三更,打电话吵醒男友, 用广东话说: “起身 “OH” 夜尿啦~.”(by Chobits)
29.一直不停地对着男友唱 “分手快乐”这首歌。(by Chobits)
30.每天让男友只吃减肥套餐(by liciece)
31.控制所有财政,每天只给男友1令吉用(by liciece)
32.帮男友涂一层透明指甲油来装饰(by liciece)

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