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Maxis extends 4G LTE service to Penang,JB,KK and Kuching

Maxis 4G LTE

Maxis moves the steps on its 4G LTE service a lot faster than any other mobile service providers in Malaysia.Being the first 4G LTE service provider in Malaysia,Maxis had announced to provide wider coverage to Penang,Johor Bahru,Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. Yes,they are in East Malaysia now.

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How to enable 4G LTE on iPhone 5

Maxis is the first carrier in Malaysia using 1800Mhz 4G LTE network officially which iPhone 5(Model A1429) could run on that frequency.However,users need to update the carrier setting to enable 4G LTE function.It’s only some simple clicks to go and the only thing you need to ensure is you have a Maxis SIM in your device.

Enable 4G LTE

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Facebook “Home” and HTC First

Yesterday Facebook held up an event for Android platform.Many people guessed that Mark Zuckerberg would release a Facebook phone and they were curious how would that phone differneciate with other smartphones.Now we know that Zuckerburger is not really building a Facebook phone with sort of Facebook OS,he’s making a phone with Facebook-centric app(launcher).

HTC First

Facebook is cooperating with HTC to push out this middle range Android phone named HTC First,optimizing Facebook “Home” working on it seamlessly as the default launcher.Facebook chooses to make this happen in Android platform because that’s the one with open source and highly customizable compared to iOS and WP8.


The main concept of Facebook “Home” is to focus on social status which has been the most important part of life for people enjoying the connections with family and friends.When you unlock your phone,you will immediately get the latest Facebook status and respond to that by simple clicks.

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TuneTalk Prepaid Review

TuneTalkI‘ve tried many mobile telco services since MNP available in Malaysia.At first,I changed to DiGi from Maxis as it’s cheaper at that time.However,I gave it up soon because of its bad coverage,especially 3G. So U Mobile got to be my second choice:better plan and quite good 3G coverage as well as speed.Well,after more than one year,I find that there are some weird issues such as hard to connect 3G data with full signal or always sucessfully running on roaming mode when outstation but failing to get data connection.As a heavy mobile data user,it makes me really sad.I want to get a service with reasonable price and good data service quality.Now,I turn to try TuneTalk.


I directly order the SIM pack from the website.It’s free of charge and with RM2 airtime.The only thing you need to do is filling the form with your own particulars,choose the number you wanna get to use and submit it.You can choose to get either normal SIM,micro SIM or even nano SIM.

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Samsung Galaxy S 4 unveiled officially

Hours ago,Samsung unveiled its latest flagship Android smartphone,the latest successor of S series,Galaxy S4 on the stage of Radio City Music Hall in New York City and also provided the live video broadcasting on Youtube as well as on the big screen on New York Times Square.

Click to enlarge


Frankly speaking,I don’t think it’s so shine on its appearance this time.It just becomes bigger,slimmer,more solid and lighter.It has a 5 inch Full HD super AMOLED display(441ppi) with 7.9mm thick and weigh at 130g.It’s still plasticky(I think Samsung is putting their full effort to make plastic look like metal).At the initial launch,only two colors to be chosen:Black and White.

More people may focus on the new Exynos processor that equips S4 as it’s said to be so powerful.Well,Samsung said depending on region,S4 will either work with Exynos 5(the latest octa-core chip) or Snapdragon S4 Pro with 2GB RAM,giving the options of 16GB/32GB/64GB storage.Of course,they upgraded the camera.The front camera now is 2 mega-pixel and the rear one is 13 mega-pixel BSI camera.

Actually,I feel Samsung now is taking more innovations on user experience and most are on software side.It’s running smoothly with Android 4.2.2. I think a video will let you roughly know all.

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(Fake) Samsung Galaxy 4 pics sneak out

For Samsung fans,March 14 is a magical day because the next remarkable smartphone will be released on that day.More and more rumors spread out everywhere and some of them seem to be so real.

@evleaks always has some ways to reveal information before the official release including this time.

Galaxy S IV rumor pic

credit to @evleaks

You can see some specifications.But from my view,the look is a bit similar with iPad mini.Do you think so?

As a long-time Android user,I’m now not only considering the hardware spec,but also the optimizations on  software(apps,OS etc) to have better battery consumption and system stability/enhancements.Apple always does it well and I hope the competitors could learn from it.

Anyway,we will  know if Samsung learns something good from Apple after 9 days.Stay tuned!

UpdateIt had been approved to be fake.@evleaks is losing the credit this time.However,someone inside Samsung just told the media that Samsung Galaxy S 4 will keep using plastic materials instead of metal materials.I think it would be sad news to lots of fans.

BlackBerry Z10 close-up

BlackBerry 10 opens up a new era for BlackBerry

BlackBerry is a strong name for a mobile platform dedicated to those businessmen and politicians who prefer more secured communication and good typing experience.However,with the fast growth of Android and iOS,BlackBerry lost a lot of existing customers as some of them felt bored to play with the platform.That move made RIM(just changed the name into BlackBerry)-the holding company of BlackBerry suffered a lot and faced a severe recession and now they have BlackBerry 10-the re-designed,re-engineered,re-invented platform trying to compete with other platforms.

BlackBerry Z10

There are many innovated features in BlackBerry 10,but there’s only one role-to make the life richer and simpler.Let’s have a peek:

  • BlackBerry Hub

It’s designed to highly integrated into the major social network apps such as Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn etc so that people will never miss any pieces of updates from any people you are concerned about.


BlackBerry has a very great reputation on its physical keyboard, unfortunately it didn’t happen on its virtual one.Well,it’s gone now.The creative keyboard in BlackBerry 10 will definitely make you like typing from now on.

  • Face-to-face BBM

For the BBM users,video BBM is a long-awaited feature they’d like to have and now it’s working on BlackBerry 10.Furthermore,you could share your whole live screen to  your friends with BlackBerry 10.It’s a kind of seamless chatting and sharing experience.

  • BlackBerry Balance

Nowadays many people are carrying two mobile phones for entertainment(home) and work purpose.BlackBerry 10 could easily switch the mode for different purposes by BlackBerry Balance,let one phone work like two.


BlackBerry World is a all-in-one stop for downloading all apps,games,music,video,magazines,books and more.

BlackBerry World

More features are waiting for your discovery when you handle one.There are two devices(Z10 and Q10) working on BlackBerry 10 and Z10 will be in the market globally within weeks.

BlackBerry Z10 close-up

The full specifications are listed below: Continue reading