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Free Internet Prepaid Plan by Hotlink

Nowadays more and more people are using smartphones to get connected with friends and family.Mobile data comes to be sort of an essential element of mobile services,the same as sms and voice calls.The prepaid brand of Maxis-Hotlink introduces the new plan offering free mobile internet service at 64Kbps to fit that need.

Hotlink Free Internet Plan

There’s one rate to all networks: 12 sen/30 seconds for voice call and 7 sen for sms.

Hotlink also has top up bonus reward now.It’s up to 8% bonus credit depending on the total top-up amount every 2 months and automatically transferring the bonus to your account in the 3rd month. Continue reading

iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S officially publicized

Several hours ago,Apple hold an event announcing the latest products and OS : iPhone 5C ,iPhone 5S and iOS 7.

Let’s talk about iPhone 5C first. The ‘C’ stands for ‘color’.iPhone 5C has colorful models to choose as well as official colorful cases.

iPhone 5C-Color

The hardware of iPhone 5C is quite similar with the old iPhone 5 as it’s treated as the replacement of the former one.New Facetime HD front camera for iPhone 5C is kind of the major change already.However,the lower price tag and refreshed colorful design(maybe a bit better overall performance) are the points to catch the eyes of the young generations.Will they really be attractive? Please leave your comment.

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Maxis extends 4G LTE service to Penang,JB,KK and Kuching

Maxis 4G LTE

Maxis moves the steps on its 4G LTE service a lot faster than any other mobile service providers in Malaysia.Being the first 4G LTE service provider in Malaysia,Maxis had announced to provide wider coverage to Penang,Johor Bahru,Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. Yes,they are in East Malaysia now.

The detail of 4G LTE coverage up to now is: Continue reading

How to enable 4G LTE on iPhone 5

Maxis is the first carrier in Malaysia using 1800Mhz 4G LTE network officially which iPhone 5(Model A1429) could run on that frequency.However,users need to update the carrier setting to enable 4G LTE function.It’s only some simple clicks to go and the only thing you need to ensure is you have a Maxis SIM in your device.

Enable 4G LTE

Remember to reboot your device after the update. Continue reading

Facebook “Home” and HTC First

Yesterday Facebook held up an event for Android platform.Many people guessed that Mark Zuckerberg would release a Facebook phone and they were curious how would that phone differneciate with other smartphones.Now we know that Zuckerburger is not really building a Facebook phone with sort of Facebook OS,he’s making a phone with Facebook-centric app(launcher).

HTC First

Facebook is cooperating with HTC to push out this middle range Android phone named HTC First,optimizing Facebook “Home” working on it seamlessly as the default launcher.Facebook chooses to make this happen in Android platform because that’s the one with open source and highly customizable compared to iOS and WP8.


The main concept of Facebook “Home” is to focus on social status which has been the most important part of life for people enjoying the connections with family and friends.When you unlock your phone,you will immediately get the latest Facebook status and respond to that by simple clicks.

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TuneTalk Prepaid Review

TuneTalkI‘ve tried many mobile telco services since MNP available in Malaysia.At first,I changed to DiGi from Maxis as it’s cheaper at that time.However,I gave it up soon because of its bad coverage,especially 3G. So U Mobile got to be my second choice:better plan and quite good 3G coverage as well as speed.Well,after more than one year,I find that there are some weird issues such as hard to connect 3G data with full signal or always sucessfully running on roaming mode when outstation but failing to get data connection.As a heavy mobile data user,it makes me really sad.I want to get a service with reasonable price and good data service quality.Now,I turn to try TuneTalk.


I directly order the SIM pack from the website.It’s free of charge and with RM2 airtime.The only thing you need to do is filling the form with your own particulars,choose the number you wanna get to use and submit it.You can choose to get either normal SIM,micro SIM or even nano SIM.

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