Lower variant of Mi 5 will be sold through retail stores this weekend

Days ago,Mi Malaysia official facebook account teased that Mi 5 was on the way coming to Malaysia.Surprisingly today,at the same channel,it announced that the phone will be sold by its local distributor Thorus starting from this coming Saturday – 18 June 2016.

Mi 5 Malaysia price

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New Balance Classics 500

I was considering to get a pair of new sports shoes for quite a long time since my last one was dead after years of usage.However,I can’t find one with a reasonable price and good comments until I found New Balance Classics 500 on Zalora( the sister company of Lazada) days ago.

It’s a bit retro style,but it fits me well.New Balance always designs for comfortable wear and it never fails me.I bet that you can’t imagine how cheap it could be.As the shoes is short in size(only US 9 in stock which is just my size),it sells at the discounted price RM100.9/USD33.6 only.What a bargain!

The only worry buying shoes online is we can’t try it first.Luckily I made a correct measurement and my feet could get comfortable when wearing it. Continue reading New Balance Classics 500

Nexus 4 is coming to sell in Google Play Store again(US only)

After the hot sales around 2 weeks ago,Google finally sent out notifications telling that Nexus 4 will be ready to order on November 27 at 12:00 noon PST (U.S. only) at Google Play Store.

Nexus 4 is the latest product from Google Nexus family with the most powerful Quad core processor Qualcomm Sanpdragon S4 Pro with 2GB RAM and the latest Anroid 4.2 Jelly Bean.It was sold out in less than one hour last time in Google Play Store.

If you want to handle that cool toy in your hand,get ready to order it at the right time.Good luck!

Shopping experience on Lazada Malaysia

I sold off my Motorola Razr Maxx days ago and decided to buy another Android phone to play with.Samsung Galaxy S3 is the most popular and powerful Android phone in the world currently and so it’s in my shopping list.

I visited some physical shops as well as online sellers and found that Lazada Malaysia selling this phone with a fair price.Well,I’ve heard some negative comments on Lazada  such as delayed delivery or low efficiency etc.However,I still wanna try it to see if it’s really that bad.Finally I made the order paid by credit card on 14th November 2012 and sat tightly to wait for delivery.

On 16th November 2012,I called Lazada Malaysia customer service to ask when they could deliver my phone and I got a surprising answer,”Sir,your phone has been shipped on 14th November 2012(the day  I just ordered) and if no accident,you could receive it by today”.The staff also gave me the tracking number for reference.By the way,they use ‘TaQBin‘ as the carrier service,the No.1 carrier service in Japan.

In the afternoon(about 2pm),the item came.It packed well and nicely.It breaks most of the negative comments,at least this time.Good job,Lazada Malaysia!Here’s the tracking record:

Overall,I have to say this online experience is quite good.However,Lazada Malaysia still has a lot of things to improve,especially the internal system.In my case,you can find in ‘my orders’ there,it shows the status ‘paid,but not shipped’.Even now it still shows the same stuff.They should frequently update the status with tracking information so that customers could easily know the exact delivery date.

I believe most negative comments are based on the fact,but Lazada Malaysia does make their improvements to bring better shopping experience.I will keep my eyes on them.

Gift from Newegg Malaysia

Newegg had set its branch in Malaysia for months.Although the daily business has not yet started,Newegg Malaysia held ‘OldEgg’ campaign recently as a warm-up to thank for the support from the old Newegg customers.

Luckily I participated the campaign and was rewarded RM100 coupon to buy stuff from Newegg USA.I chose one from the website and today I received it by PosDraftar.

It’s Patriot X-Porter XT 8GB thumb drive with water and shock resistant.It’s claimed as one  of the fastest usb flash drive up to date-offering 28.7MB/s average read speeds and 10.8MB/s write speeds.

Thanks Newegg! I wish Newegg Malaysia could keep providing good quality of items and services once it officially starts business.