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AirAsia will start to fly to Beijing soon

AirAsia has talked to get a landing pass to the capital of China,Beijing,for long time,finally it will come true.AirAsia recently annouced that the new route to Beijing will get into business  and the first flight will be on 22 June 2012.To celebrate the great move,AirAsia offers a great discount for the airfare to Beijing.Here are the details:

From 22 June 2012 to 5 August 2012,AirAsia’s long haul service-AirAsia X will fly 4 times a week and it will increase to 7 times a week from 6 August 2012.

From the latest conversation with Mr. Azran Osman-CEO of AirAsia X,the direct flight to Shanghai by AirAsia X is also under negotiation with Chinese government.I just hope that could be done asap.

AirAsia Big Sales

Every year,AirAsia opens up several big sales to promote the routes.People always wants to fly as well as getting some bargains and so the big sales are really quite attractive.

The latest big sales are on.The booking period is from 16 May 2012 to 20 May 2012 and it’s for travels from 4 January 2013 to 22 May 2013.

AirAsia’s long haul service-AirAsia X holds the big sales for the same period of travelling.

I think the low-fare tickets will run out very fast as the travel period covers Chinese new year and International Labor Day when many people have holidays.Try your luck if you still want to have an economical but remarkable trip!

Check the ticket information here

Google Maps Turns on Traffic and Transit for Malaysia

At the moment,I only see that ‘traffic’ layer is available now in Google Maps Malaysia,but the feature of ‘transit’ layer is still in grey.

It is weird because the official Google Malaysia twitter account announced the good news that both have been available in Malaysia,but it turns out another result.

Maybe there’s some small technical glitch.Well,wait to see whether the features will go online later.

The traffic layer is showing the live information and transit layer will show all public transport options,all could help us plan our daily routes.It’s just great!

Cheers! :)

Days in my howntown

I just spent a wonderful Chinese New Year with my family in Jiading,Shanghai-the place I born and grew up.It was quite cold there,but feeling warm in my deep heart.Every day was so busy,but meaningful.

My whole family visited my uncle’s home in Nanxiang,Shanghai.In the past,it’s a farming area.Now,with the development of the city,most of them have their new houses to live.My uncle and his family now live in a rural villa which is very large and comfortable. Continue reading

Malacca Trip

I joined the company trip of my wife to Malacca for the past weekend.That’s the first time to be there and I found that Malacca is really a city where all have ancient feelings.

My wife and I like to visit Jonker Walk(Jalan Hang Jebat,see the map below).In fact,we went there 3 times in 2 days.I would say that the view there day and night is totally different.At the daytime,the street is quiet,but there are still some souvenir shops and restaurants opening,including the very famous ‘chicken rice ball’;at night,all street stalls start the business along the street and the linked area.Locals and foreigners can always get their fun somewhere.

Enlarge the map

We also took Cendol in a local Nyonya restaurant.I have to say that was the most delicious cendol I’ve tried.It just took away the heat of my body in a sunny day.

Cendol Now I’m planning to visit Malacca again to enjoy the nice moments.