Mi Band

Mi Band is a wearable device from Xiaomi China which mainly produces Mi Phones & Redmi etc . Priced at RMB79(equals to RM44/USD13), it’s much cheaper than most wearable devices in current market. I grabbed one from Xiaomi China and received hours ago. Let’s open the box first:

Mi Band currently only works with Xiaomi/Redmi phones such as Mi3,Mi4,Redmi 1S,Redmi note/4G etc which are running with Android 4.4 and support Bluetooth 4.0 . Mi Band team said they were trying to support more devices from time to time and will support iOS devices too. Continue reading Mi Band

Will we benefit from low crude oil price?

Today the headline is all about crude oil which the price touched 7-year-low. Many people may ask how it could affect our daily lives.Here they are:

  • As Malaysia is a oil producer,lower crude oil price means fewer government income for the period. It will force the government to slow down,or maybe cut some investments in infrastructures,such as LRTs,schools,hospitals etc.
  • Corporate activities will be reduced for oil and gas sector and profit margin will be challenged. The biggest player in oil and gas sector in Malaysia – Petronas is certainly going to review some of their projects and delay parts of deployments are expected. O&G service sector will lose some jobs,as well as those construction companies.

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Free Internet Roaming with U Mobile

If you are a frequent traveler,you may feel headache to pay for the expensive internet roaming fees when abroad. U Mobile seems to know your pain and by working with other foreign partners,you now could even enjoy free internet roaming services, no hassle , as long as you’re a U Mobile customer.

For prepaid users,you have to top up at least RM50 to get 50MB free internet roaming quota which will be valid in 30 days.The details are as below:

U_Mobile_prepaid-_Free_Internet_Roaming Continue reading Free Internet Roaming with U Mobile

Get WIFI when you fly with AirAsia

Yes, This on-board WiFi service is very first to Malaysia and it’s officially introduced by AirAsia today.

The inflight WiFi service is called as “roKKi chats” which enables guests to use selected IM apps while flying,currently the apps are restricted to WhatsApp, Wechat and Line. However, more apps will be supported in the future.

As what I know,the WiFi system is developed by roKKi & Tunebox based on SwiftBroadband(broadband service provided by inmarsat).Up to date,only 4 plans have equipped the WiFi system and expand to another 15 planes by year end. AirAsia intends to provide the WiFi service to all 80 of its Malaysian aircrafts by second quarter of next year and by the end of next year,all 160 aircrafts could get WiFi onboard.

You’ll be informed by flight attendants when you are on a roKKi-support flight. To get to use the service is quite simple: Continue reading Get WIFI when you fly with AirAsia

Leave OR Stay?

It’s time to talk about shares again. Last month, the sudden drop in the share market definitely shocked most retail investors. I know that some people lost more than 30% of their total investments in only 3 days. However, some of them might take the opportunity to get some bargains. As a small investor, it’s very important to know when you need to absolutely stay away from the market and when you need to keep staying to catch the fishes because small investor only has limited funds and sometimes a small mistake to them could lead to a dead end. Congrats to those wise and lucky people!

I only bought very small amount of shares during that bargain period because most of shares in my wish list didn’t go down to the prices that I prefer. Well, just wait for next time.

Currently I plan to sell some AirAsia X and Huayang shares in the coming days.

For AirAsia X, I always believe it will have a bright future. However, the buildup still needs some time and it causes the unstable share price as the fundamental is a bit weak although the oil price maintains in a low price range. The downside is 1) The economy hasn’t reached what people expected. 2) Some new routes will be introduced in months and initially it will drag the performance. I just hope the management could do it better than last year. No doubt that the management of AirAsia and AirAsia X is very good at control the cost. Continue reading Leave OR Stay?