My investment portfolio – Oct 2014

investment portfolio oct 2014

Property market is booming in Malaysia as demand is still strong,especially in affordable housing sector,which Huayang is focusing.For the rich, they always think of getting a better living environment. Weida is new to property sector,but I saw the potential it has(the location of land bank). In my current portfolio,more than 60% are property related stocks. Continue reading

Facts of the property market in Malaysia

Property market is always a hot topic everywhere. In Malaysia,due to the fast increment of  urban population , the demand of the property is steadily going up. We can’t ignore some real facts:

  1. From 2010-2014, the average property price had raised about 300%-400%.
  2. From 2010-2014,the price range of the affordable housing projects developed by private sectors had increased from RM250,000 to RM600,000 in Greater KL area.

Base on that figure,if a person wants to buy one unit of so-called new affordable house in Greater KL area,he/she has to prepare RM60,000 cash for downpayment + RM10,000 for other charges including stamp duties,legal fees etc. and then applies loan for the balance.At the current interest rate,the monthly payment will be around RM2,600 with a 35-year housing loan. Well,if you wanna get approved from banks,you’d better to have net monthly income RM8,000-RM9,000 to fit their criteria. Continue reading

One More Thing : Apple Watch

New iPhones are not the only new products released by Apple in the latest event. As usual, Apple introduced one more thing after the main products-this time,it’s Apple Watch ( although most people thought it should be called as iWatch) .

It has 3 categories :

Apple Watch could be treated as the most original design; Apple Watch Sport,from the word,we could know it’s slightly modified to better fit sport activities;Apple Watch Edition has the most elegant design with gold coated.You could always find the right one to match your profile. Continue reading

iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus

As tech geeks, many of you might wait in front of the screen in order to get the official live introduction from Apple hours ago. However, the streaming experience was so poor and no one would be happy with it. Well, fortunately Apple had already updated the website with detailed product information and we now could have a clear view of all.

iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone6 & iPhone6 Plus

The most obvious difference between the two phones is the size-iPhone 6 is 4.7 inch,326ppi display(same ppi with iPhone 5S) with 6.9mm thickness(129g) while iPhone 6 Plus is 5.5 inch,401ppi FHD display with 7.1mm thickness(172g). Continue reading

Let numbers talk – Samsung Galaxy Note 4/Edge VS Sony Xperia Z3

Last night was a busy night.

Samsung and Sony chose the same night to introduce their new flagship smartphones to the highly competitive market.After so many years of development , smartphone market has become quite mature and frankly speaking,it’s very hard to see sparks from the new stuff. Let’s check out the appearance first.


Continue reading