The surprises come from DiGi

DiGi is setting up a road show in One Utama from 12 November to 15 November,2009.As what I mentioned yesterday,DiGi planed to give the customers some surprises.Now here they are:

DiGi Promotion If you’re interested in the promotional items-3G modem/BlackBerry/HP Mini Netbook/Nokia N97 Mini,please rush to One Utama to grab the one you like.Remember it is based on first come first served.Good luck guys! 🙂

DiGi will show some surprises

DiGi leaked some information about the coming promotions for its existing users.DiGi didn’t tell the exact things,but it threw out some questions.

DiGi From my guess,I think it should be as follow:

  • A 3G modem at only RM10
  • Brand new netbook at only RM600
  • A smartphone less than RM500

DiGi says all will be disclosed tomorrow.So we need to wait another 12 hours to see whether the surprises are the ones we like. 🙂