TuneTalk 4G LTE is around the corner

One of the most successful MVNO in Malaysia,TuneTalk, is just about to start their 4G LTE service. As I’m so lucky to be the first few to try it, I decide to share some speedtest results out to let your guys feel envy !

TuneTalk rides on Celcom’s network that the 4G LTE network is working on Band 3(1800MHz) and Band 7(2600MHz) currently. However,my current device could only work on Band 3,thus the speedtest results may not reach the best performance it could be. Continue reading TuneTalk 4G LTE is around the corner

U Mobile expands 3G network in East Malaysia

Months ago,U Mobile started to share with Maxis for its infrastructure in order to expand its 3G network to nationwide.Since then,the 3G coverage on U Mobile in West Malaysia came to be good.Well,recently it started the expansion in East Malaysia and the major cities and towns there had 3G service already.

Click to see the large pictureThe areas having 3G service are Kuching,Sibu,Bintulu,Miri.Labuan,Kota Kinabalu,Sandakan and Tawau.You can check the details of it coverage here

U Mobile’s 3G network supports up to 42Mbps DC-HSPA+ .The collaboration with Maxis will let U Mobile expand faster and save more capital.I believe it will also benefit on deploying 4G LTE network which U Mobile maybe will start the service in the year.

Anyway,as a user of U Mobile,I feel some service downgrade in terms of speed and downtime.I hope they could improve the service continuously with the growth of the number of users and don’t let me down.

iPad 2 is coming

I think many people had a sleepless night to wait for the event of being held by Apple.We all believe that the event was for iPad 2 and some related product.Well,it’s been approved to be correct.

Continue reading iPad 2 is coming

YES is not so nice

YES had launched for 2 days,however,till now there are still quite a number of users complaining that they can login to the website.And the official website was down in the first 20 hours because of DDOS attack by the 3rd party.I think as a company which provides Internet service,it should have enough ability to deal with this kind of issues quickly.


Well,for me,I don’t even feel good on the price.After 4GB usage monthly,it will offer 30% rebate on the original price 3 cent/MB.If we use more than 7 GB monthly,it’s over RM140 already.With that price,we could enjoy Streamyx 4Mbps unlimited access.You may ask that YES claimed to have 3-5 times speed than current local 3G providers,so is that really faster?No,according to the testing report from some users,it’s around 3-5Mbps in most areas.

I don’t think YES is priced at a right position.I’m wondering that who want to get such a low cost-effective product.YES,you should know the market first and push the product out later.Otherwise,you will lost the business soon.

3G coverage of DiGi

When I was in Malacca,I brought my laptop with me.So I could check emails and update Facebook on time.However,the hotel I stayed is without free usage of WIFI.I had to use my Google Nexus One as a modem connecting to my laptop to surf internet through DiGi’s network.


DiGi has a wide coverage of EDGE,the 2.75G network which is able to provide the downlink speed up to 144Kbps in my experience.However,it could not be suitable to load most websites fast because nowadays those fancy pages always embed with flash and pictures where the size is easily over 1MBytes,meaning that I have to wait at least 10 seconds for each page.I can’t imagine how I could watch a YouTube video or play some Facebook games by using such a wireless service.

I hope when I visit Malacca next time,I could enjoy 3G connection there.Do you hear me,DiGi?