Nuffnang comes back

After a long consideration,I decided to put Nuffnang ads instead of Advertlets ads because I don’t want to be mad at the next time of cash-out in Advertlets even though Josh Lim did it nicely for me this time.


Currently I just put the widget in the sidebar.It’s displaying with a poll so that visitors could submit some useful info to me.

I only hope Nuffnang will not let me feel upset.


I received RM100 fund transfer from a personal account of Josh Lim,the founder and managing director of’s up?Here’s the story.

advertlets logo

I started blogging from 2006.I suppose to be the early blogger in Asia.During that period,tons of new stuff related to blogs appeared,including blog ads.I joined Advertlets once the business was launched.However,I’ve never been a celebrity blogger so that I spent around 2 years in Advertlets in order to earn my first RM100.I was happy that I could get some extra money from blogging.But later on,my bad experience also was coming.

I requested to cash out on 4 Feb,2009 and then sitting quietly at home for the funds.After 2 months,it was still so quiet and no sign telling me that I could get it.Thus,I wrote an email to Advertlets Customer Service and I hope that they were able to help me process that withdrawal.I felt so sad because I wouldn’t get any reply from them.All right,I kept on sending emails and finally I got a reply saying that the fund will be transferred by 15 May,2009.How many emails did I send regarding to cash-out?Four.It’s not the end.

Yesterday was 14 May,2009-the deadline that they promised to pay-up.Unfortunately I couldn’t get that fund.With my depression,I wrote another email to customer service and at the same time left my words in Advertlets official blog.I think Josh saw my message there and that’s why he did the fund transfer immediately.He gotta know how upset I was.

advertlets cashout Thanks,Josh.You let me see the hope of Advertlets since the big boss still wanna hear the true words from people like me.But then,why are those staff working so inefficiently?I don’t know.

I just leave my doubt to Josh and I think he has to find out a solution as soon as possible because I’m not the only one facing such a problem.

Finally,I do wish Advertlets grows healthy and wealthy.(Ehm…By the way,you still owe me RM22.59,Josh!That could be a mini pack of Haagen Dazs probably.)  😛


August is a hot month.Advertlets makes it to be much hotter.WALL-E,another wonderful movie made by Disney,will be pre-released by Advertlets on August 11.


If you’re a member of Advertlets,you can pick the chance here.Hurry!There are only limited seats provided.So see you there,guys! 😀

If you wanna see my review of that movie,please be patient as I’ll post it after 2 weeks. 🙂


Well,it’s a pretty new movie which will be released in the coming August.The story is about an Israeli commando who fakes his own death ir order to pursue his dream:to be a hair stylist in New York.

I’m willing to watch this movie as it seems to be a quite funny and interesting one which is fitting my style.

Continue reading Movie:YOU DON’T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN

Happy and Upset

Yes,I received the confirmation to be an Advertlets Titian this morning.Good news always brings happiness,right?Now I’m looking forward to seeing the effect of it.There is the reply by official:

Congratulations, you are now an Advertlets Titan! You should now be experiencing better earning rates from Advertlets, as well as exciting new benefits launching in less than a month. If you ever have any questions, or enquiries, please contact us via a special e-mail address: [email protected]

Please also let us know if you make significant changes in your blog layout anytime, so we can check the ads for optimum placing (and of course, the most optimal earnings for you).

We will keep you updated on future updates to the program via a exclusive mailing list. Stay tuned for more updates!


Advertlets Support


The thing makes me upset is an old matter.It’s about Streamyx again.From 9am today I met frequent disconnection.So I called to customer service there to make the report and want them to solve the problem as soon as possible.In fact I have no confidences on which they can really do for me on time as I had reported for the same issues more than 20 times,but I never ever got any kind of responses from them.

Now the line seems to be better a bit.I do hope it can remain stable for longer time.Aiks…