Leave OR Stay?

It’s time to talk about shares again. Last month, the sudden drop in the share market definitely shocked most retail investors. I know that some people lost more than 30% of their total investments in only 3 days. However, some of them might take the opportunity to get some bargains. As a small investor, it’s very important to know when you need to absolutely stay away from the market and when you need to keep staying to catch the fishes because small investor only has limited funds and sometimes a small mistake to them could lead to a dead end. Congrats to those wise and lucky people!

I only bought very small amount of shares during that bargain period because most of shares in my wish list didn’t go down to the prices that I prefer. Well, just wait for next time.

Currently I plan to sell some AirAsia X and Huayang shares in the coming days.

For AirAsia X, I always believe it will have a bright future. However, the buildup still needs some time and it causes the unstable share price as the fundamental is a bit weak although the oil price maintains in a low price range. The downside is 1) The economy hasn’t reached what people expected. 2) Some new routes will be introduced in months and initially it will drag the performance. I just hope the management could do it better than last year. No doubt that the management of AirAsia and AirAsia X is very good at control the cost. Continue reading Leave OR Stay?

My investment portfolio – Oct 2014

investment portfolio oct 2014

Property market is booming in Malaysia as demand is still strong,especially in affordable housing sector,which Huayang is focusing.For the rich, they always think of getting a better living environment. Weida is new to property sector,but I saw the potential it has(the location of land bank). In my current portfolio,more than 60% are property related stocks. Continue reading My investment portfolio – Oct 2014

AirAsia opens direct flights from Kuala Lumpur to Shanghai & vice versa

Days ago,Regional Head of  Commercial for AirAsia Group,Kathleen Tan implied in her Weibo saying ‘Hello Shanghai,I’m coming’ and in today’s official Weibo of AirAsia,it confirms the new route as well as the discounted price structure.

The promotion sales will start from midnight today and the lowest return tickets are only RMB951/RM467/USD153 per pax including all taxes and other charges for travelling from 19 February 2013 to 30 September 2013.

AirAsia X,the long-haul service under AirAsia Group,has flied to 12 cities in China.According to the latest talk from Tony Fernandes,the founder and group CEO of AirAsia,he will keep focusing on ASEAN coutries as they have great foundation of population as well as great potentials.China is one of the most active counties in this region and tons of opportunities are over there.Thus,AirAsia X will be looking for more destinations in China in the near future,benefiting from the boosts of the economy.

Honestly,I’ve waited for the day coming for years.Because my hometown is in Shanghai and so I have to be back there several times every year.Previously,in order to cut the cost,I always took AirAsia X flights to Hangzhou and then transit to Shanghai by other vehicles.It had to spend twice of the time and it’s really exhausting.Well,that day ends now.

Thank you AirAsia!

AirAsia will start to fly to Beijing soon

AirAsia has talked to get a landing pass to the capital of China,Beijing,for long time,finally it will come true.AirAsia recently annouced that the new route to Beijing will get into business  and the first flight will be on 22 June 2012.To celebrate the great move,AirAsia offers a great discount for the airfare to Beijing.Here are the details:

From 22 June 2012 to 5 August 2012,AirAsia’s long haul service-AirAsia X will fly 4 times a week and it will increase to 7 times a week from 6 August 2012.

From the latest conversation with Mr. Azran Osman-CEO of AirAsia X,the direct flight to Shanghai by AirAsia X is also under negotiation with Chinese government.I just hope that could be done asap.

AirAsia Big Sales

Every year,AirAsia opens up several big sales to promote the routes.People always wants to fly as well as getting some bargains and so the big sales are really quite attractive.

The latest big sales are on.The booking period is from 16 May 2012 to 20 May 2012 and it’s for travels from 4 January 2013 to 22 May 2013.

AirAsia’s long haul service-AirAsia X holds the big sales for the same period of travelling.

I think the low-fare tickets will run out very fast as the travel period covers Chinese new year and International Labor Day when many people have holidays.Try your luck if you still want to have an economical but remarkable trip!

Check the ticket information here