AirAsia opens direct flights from Kuala Lumpur to Shanghai & vice versa

Days ago,Regional Head of  Commercial for AirAsia Group,Kathleen Tan implied in her Weibo saying ‘Hello Shanghai,I’m coming’ and in today’s official Weibo of AirAsia,it confirms the new route as well as the discounted price structure.

The promotion sales will start from midnight today and the lowest return tickets are only RMB951/RM467/USD153 per pax including all taxes and other charges for travelling from 19 February 2013 to 30 September 2013.

AirAsia X,the long-haul service under AirAsia Group,has flied to 12 cities in China.According to the latest talk from Tony Fernandes,the founder and group CEO of AirAsia,he will keep focusing on ASEAN coutries as they have great foundation of population as well as great potentials.China is one of the most active counties in this region and tons of opportunities are over there.Thus,AirAsia X will be looking for more destinations in China in the near future,benefiting from the boosts of the economy.

Honestly,I’ve waited for the day coming for years.Because my hometown is in Shanghai and so I have to be back there several times every year.Previously,in order to cut the cost,I always took AirAsia X flights to Hangzhou and then transit to Shanghai by other vehicles.It had to spend twice of the time and it’s really exhausting.Well,that day ends now.

Thank you AirAsia!

NO Admin fee,said from AirAsia

Finally AirAsia removed the veil of that mystery.

Breaking news! Fly with NO ADMIN FEE to all destinations across Asia, Australia and Europe. Starting from today, you’ll no longer need to pay for the admin fee. We’re throwing it in so that you’ll enjoy even greater value every single time you fly with AirAsia — we make flying truly affordable.
Book now to enjoy flying WITHOUT ADMIN FEE!

Together with this great news,AirAsia also releases the new all-in-fare for multi-destinations.

AirAsia all-in-fare promotion with no admin fee I believe that is a very impressive way to attract more travelers and occupy more market shares in this complicated period.

Good job,AirAsia!

AirAsia All-in Fares Promotions

In the afternoon,I just said that AirAsia is so creative and now it is approved by the latest promotion called ‘All-in Fares’ which means that all fares you see have included all taxes and fees.Thus,no more confusion on the price at all.

AirAsia All-In Fares I know a number of people will not plan to have any trip within the year because of influenza A(H1N1).However,I think if people have done all preparations( insurance,bring some masks) and precautions(e.g.personal hygiene),we’re not necessary to be so stressed as the percentage of recovery is quite high.

Hey!Just rush to grab the bargain now! 😀