Google Instant Search

Google is keeping innovating their search technology to make life easier.Yesterday,Google introduced ‘Instant Search’ at a media press and now it has been integrated into the existing search engine.We now could get the result instantly when we’re typing.

Let’s see the official introduction here.

This is the reason that I like Google.Google is always thinking to improve the life quality by enhancing the services provided by itself as the way of increasing the value in this world,not simply absorbing money.That’s what I want to do too.

Google makes another two funny clips to show how great the new search engine is going.

I hope you will also love this upgrade and benefit from it.

Google has already upgraded it for the mobile version too.I just downloaded and installed the latest Google Search into my Google Nexus One which loads Android 2.2So now I could enjoy a much smoother search experience on the smart phone than never ever.

Keeping going,Google.I’d like to see more effort from you to help the whole world move forward. 🙂

Google Nexus One is officially off the online market

Google Nexus one is unavailable to sell in its official website permanently as said by Google that it has achieved the initial aim.However,it will be sold at some authorized retail shops as well as partners in US,European countries and South Korea.On the other hand,it will be also treated as a developer phone and sold by Android develop team in some other ways.I just caught the announcement from Android developers blog about it:

Nexus One Developer Phone

from Android Developers Blog by Tim Bray

We’ve always offered unlocked phones for direct sale to registered Android Developers. As of today, the Developer Phone is the Nexus One, at a price of $529. To see the details or order a phone, you need to sign in to your Android developer account and click on the "Development Phones" link.

The Nexus One combines an up-to-the-minute platform (Android 2.2), modern hardware, and the pure Google Experience software suite. It’s a good choice both for people who want to build Android applications using either the SDK or the NDK, and those who want to experiment with modified versions of the Android platform. Note that the Nexus One still ships with Android 2.1 but will download 2.2 soon after you turn it on; make sure you’re near a fast network.

As well as being an outstanding developer platform, it’s a really nice everyday phone; we’re really happy to have connected the right dots to make this happen.

So if you are an Android developer,you still can use that provided method to get a new Google Nexus One which has advanced hardware and designs.If you’re not,you can find some way to get it too.Google Nexus One will never die. 微笑

Froyo is in my phone

If you are an Android phone user,I bet you know what I’m talking about.Since last month,Android 2.2(code name:Froyo) was introduced by Android team and in the past several weeks,some Nexus One users had reported they got some different patches of Froyo.

Some insiders of Google told that they were still doing the testing and bug-fixing and so only app developers and some press were given to try the new version first.However,today has a different story.In the early morning,I had got some information over the Internet that some builds for all Nexus One phones were found in the Google server and the direct links were exposed very quickly.I’m the one who downloaded and installed Froyo manually in my Nexus One by referring the instructions from the comments in Engadget.

IMG_1401             IMG_1402

One hour after I installed Froyo in my device,I caught an article from Google Nexus One board declared Froyo is starting to OTA to all Nexus One users from today.Most Nexus One users will receive the notification of upgrade by the end of this week.


So if you are so patient,you could wait for some more days to get the automatic upgrade;if you are just like me,you can download and install it manually to enjoy the power of Froyo first.

For Build number ERE27:

For Build number EPE54B:

Please follow the steps to get Froyo correctly running in your device:

1.Rename the downloaed file to
2.Put it at the root of your SD-Card and then turn off the phone.
3.Hold down the volume button and then press the power on button, it should go into a boot screen. Wait for a few seconds for it to load up proper and then select "Recovery" with the volume down/up button and press the power button.
4.Once you see an android holding a sign with an exclamation mark push volume down+ volume up + power button _at the same time_.
5.Select "apply"(or something similiar) with the trackball and press it.
6.After the update is finished select "reboot system now" with the trackball and press it.
7.Wait for it to reboot, it can take a long time mind you.

(Thanks the reader afinite in Engadget for the detailed information.)

FroYo,where are you?

If you’re having an Android phone,I bet you know what is FroYo.It is the latest version of Android mobile operating system,the version number is 2.2(codename: Froyo-aka ‘Frozen Yogurt’).It was officially introduced in Google I/O 2 weeks ago and said to push to Google Nexus One in few weeks.It has some major improvements and so many Android phone users are looking forward to getting it as soon as possible.

The highlights of the changes are in the following part:

  1. New User Features
  2. New Platform Technologies

  3. New Developer Services

You can get the details from Android official website.

One week ago,there was a beta version of FroYo sending to some group of Google Nexus One users.Upon the feedbacks from them,it seems quite a number of bugs still stay in that beta version although the users feel satisfied with great movements in this new one.

Anyway,I hope someday in this month,I could get an OTA notification once I wake up. 🙂