Samsung Galaxy S II

Galaxy series have brings Samsung to a much competitive position compared to HTC,LG,Sony Ericson and so on.The series of products normally are targeting on mid-high end customers,so no denies that a great number of high end chips and designs fit them.Like in this latest phone-Samsung Galaxy S II,is capable with dual core processor,4.3″ Super AMOLED plus screen,Android 2.3(Gingerbread) on board,8.0 Mega pixels camera,supporting HSDPA 21Mbps and HSUPA 5.76Mbps etc.

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Will your Android phone have Gingerbread soon?

Congratulations!Android has been No.1 mobile OS in European market recently and the group of Android users are still growing fast.A survey shows that most Android phones in the market are running Android 2.2(a.k.a Froyo),but as Android 2.3(a.k.a Gingerbread) has been officially released at the end of last year,we could imagine that some existing Android phones will have a chance to upgrade to the latest version.Google’s own Android phone-Nexus One(which I’m using) has got OTA several months ago.As what I heard,some other phones will have OTA in the coming months.

CNet Asia gathered some useful information to show when some Android phones could get that upgrade.I have made the picture much cleared:

Android 2.3 enhances the performance and power efficiency,so it’s really worth to upgrade it.

Is your phone in that list?I hope it is. 🙂

Source:CNet Asia

Nexus One finally can eat Gingerbread

As a fan of Android platform,I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.We wait for the day to get Android 2.3(Gingerbread) OTA too long.

When we first got the official information about the availability of this upgrade was 3 months ago.At that time,the spokesman told us we could get it in ‘few weeks’.All right,now we finally know how long is that.

Thanks Google!The good news was informed through twitter one day ago.


Yeah,the version of Gingerbread is 2.3.3 which has a lot of enhancements and provides some new supports such as WebM format files.That could be great that Nexus One is again to be a pioneer phone which supports this new format.

However,my phone has been rooted and so I can’t get the OTA unfortunately.well,I believe CyanogenMod will soon release the nightlies based on this new version of Gingerbread too.

It’s really a nice day! SmileI just hope Nexus One could get upgraded every time when Android has new members.


Actually those things are not a bid deal.However,it still lets me feel upset.

Firstly,I’m waiting for Android 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’ coming to my Nexus One since it was released by Google last month.I was heard some official source saying that it would be available in Nexus one in few weeks.Well,the said weeks have been a month.Yet I haven’t seen any signal of OTA.


Damn it!It’s so terrible that knowing the stuff but can’t catch it.Some people may say I could root my phone and apply other third party mods.I know they are working quite well,but I don’t want to make my warranty void so soon.So Google and the Android development team,I hope you could hear my voice and let it out a.s.a.p. to eliminate my sadness.

Secondly,it’s linking to some tech stuff again.It’s about my broadband service.I have been using Streamyx service for 8 years.On the other words,I have borne the slow upload speed provided by this sort of service for such long.I can’t express how excited I was when I heard that my area would be able to get the fiber optics service called ‘Unifi’ which can support up to 20Mbps synchronously in January 2011.I was then be informed lately that it will only be here in late March.That means there are another 2 months to go.


Ok,nothing I can do.I may only pray to get them earlier as the gift for Chinese new year.

Google Nexus S

With thousands of rumors of this Nexus phone,it finally was introduced by Google 10 hours ago,capable with the latest Android system,Android 2.3(as known as ‘Gingerbread’).


This time,the phone is made by Samsung.I think that’s why it is called as Nexus ‘S’,not Nexus Two. Open-mouthed smile

You can know it clearly via its official video clip.

Google has released the detailed spec of this leading phone.



It will be available in US and UK market in 2 weeks.The contract-free phone will cost you US$529,the same price as Nexus One previously.

Well,What I’m looking forward to is my Nexus One gets ‘Gingerbread’ as soon as possible,at least before Christmas.I think lots of Nexus One users are waiting for that big day and the update,for us,will perhaps be the best Christmas gift.

I believe Google Android system will be the trend of smart phones because it’s moving really fast and the engineers in the development team do know the needs of users,the most important thing is Android system is open source.That means it’s maximizing the flexibility of modifying the system in order to fit all kinds of experiences.

If you never have a smart phone,I think you could try Nexus S to know that a phone could be such powerful. Smile