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Facebook officially has App Center now

Facebook wants to enter to this market for a long time and now it’s starting to directly compete with Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store.

Up to now,I can’t find the hyperlink to App Center on the front page.So the only way to visit the site is type in facebook.com/appcenter .Here’s what it looks like:

Some apps are working on desktop and others could be working on mobile.However,most of them are overlapping the apps in Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store and so I feel nothing special at all.

All right,have a look on this official screen cast.

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iPhone4s is sold from RM2199 in Apple Store Malaysia

Since last Friday,All major mobile service providers in Malaysia-Maxis,DiGi and Celcom had started to sell iPhone4s with their own plans.At the same time,Apple store Malaysia also open to the public for online shopping.

All models of iPhone4s could be bought at the official online store with free delivery.However,because of short of stock,currently customers have to wait for 1-2 weeks to receive your iPhone4s after making the order online.

So if you don’t want to wait for such long time to get your iPhone4s and don’t mind to bundle with some contract with telcos,you could directly go to their service centers or outlets to buy it as they seem to have quite a number of stocks this time.For your information,some authorised resellers have informed that they have sold all iPhone4s out currently.

Good luck!

Celcom shows iPhone4s packages at last

Up to date,all major mobile market players in Malaysia have shown their iPhone4s plans after Celcom unveiled it yesterday.

Which mobile companies you want to sign with?Maxis?DiGi?Or Celcom?I think you’d better to take the calculator to  check which one fits your needs and budget.And if you want to buy an iPhone4S with no bundle,you can get it directly from Apple Store Malaysia with Retail price.It’s your choice.


You can get your iPhone4s from Apple Malaysia online store on Dec 16

That’s really great for the people who don’t wanna enjoy either the long queue or crowded environment.Apple Malaysia online store unveiled the page for iPhone4s online shopping yesterday night with no price tagged.

For consumers,it gives us one more choices.After buying it,we could choose whatever mobile company and plan to use.So now,I just hope the price will not so high. :P

Apple Store 2.0 with iPad 2

In conjunction with celebrating 10 years opening of Apple store in US,all Apple retail stores there have made some upgrades.The most changes could catch our eyes are iPad 2 locating everywhere next to each product showing pricing and information.

(Thanks macstories for the nice pics.)

In Malaysia,iPad2 is so hot that the stocks always sells out in hours;but in US,they put iPad2 as a display and guild tool.You can use it to see the brief introduction,price and tech specs.If you have anything ask,you could just simply ‘call’ the representative through iPad2 to get help.

Feel envy,huh?Will Apple Store in Malaysia upgrade to 2.0 soon? :P


Nokia Ovi Store

Following the steps of Apple and BlackBerry,Nokia finally opened its online apps store yesterday-Ovi Store.

Ovi Store

Nokia intends to integrate all applications and gadgets into this platform and to do some localizations for customers from different countries.However,when I visited the website yesterday,it loaded very slow perhaps because of a rapid high consumption.

Well,I think if Nokia seriously continues to improve this service,it will be much more successful than Apple Store because till now Nokia is still holding the largest group of users all over the world.

Will Nokia win this battle?Let’s wait and see.