Hours later,I will officially start my 27th year of my life.Every year of birthday celebrations,I always have my dearest family and friends around me.I feel happy and warm.

I wish I could always bring happiness to all of you.


Happy birthday,Twitter!

Twitter is an amazing communication platform in the world.It’s perhaps not a cutting-edge technology,but it’s really leading a way of communication.

Not like blogging that people need to take some time to write their stuff with long sentences,Twitter brings us a place to leave our little words.Sometimes when you wanna share some interesting things you just find,you could share it on Twitter instantly;When you feel boring or stress,you may choose to twit your voices out to get some understandings and care instantly too.Of course,you could do more things on Twitter and it’s keeping growing and being better than ever.

Twitting things out has been a part of my life now and I believe many young generations feel that way too.Happy birthday,Twitter!You’re are so valuable. 🙂

I will have one quarter of my life soon

Two days later,I will have my 25th birthday.If I could be healthy enough or the medical service grows more advanced that I could live  until 100 years old,I’m now going to pass my first quarter of my whole life.

I have to say that I’m so lucky.My parents always love me as well as my grandma does.I also think my grandpa is blessing me somewhere too.I got married in the beginning of the year with my dear whom I sincerely love with.Of course,there are friends surrounding me,often bringing fun and sharing sadness together.All these keep telling me that I am one of the luckiest man in the world.

Maybe life in this century will never be easy as living in a modern city is so complicated,but I believe nothing is going to be tough with the support from all people around.In fact,I will not expect any wonderful party or some big surprises there because no trouble is the best gift for me.

Happy birthday to me! 微笑

Happy time

Yesterday we were all together with Pei Pei to give her a nice 24-year-old birthday memory.We watched the fantastic movie-Avatar in the afternoon and then went to have a delicious dinner in ‘The Apartment’ at The Curve.

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The foods were damn good.I ate non-stop even though my tummy had been full.I think Pei Pei was so happy being there.You could see the exhausted smiles on her face.


After all,I just wish that we all could be happy all the time. 🙂

Happy 5-year-old birthday,Firefox!

It’s 5 years for me to use Firefox too.I remembered that I just wanted to try it at that time and amazingly I’m never going to drop it since then.Compared to IE,Firefox is of better performance,rich facilities and more securities.Of course,now we have some other good browsers to choose such as Safari,Google Chrome and so on.Anyway,Firefox did all greatly and I do wish it could last long with all pros. 🙂

Happy Birthday,Firefox.