iOS 5.1 is delivering

With the introduction of the new iPad,Apple also released iOS 5.1.

You have to make sure your device has more than 50% battery or has connected to the charger,otherwise,you can’t complete the upgrade process.

The whole process could be done Over-The-Air,so nothing need to be talk about as it’s too simple.Strongly suggest iPhone 4S users to upgrade iOS asap as it could fix the bug affecting battery life.And Siri starts to understand Japanese now,but sorry,no Chinese support yet.So we still need to wait Siri to learn Chinese. 😀

Mozilla Firefox 3.0.9

Whoever you are a newbie PC user or an IT expert,surely you care about the computer security.As a very strong competitor of Microsoft Internet Explorer,Mozilla Firefox grows very fast.That means even a small bug of this software,it may affect a large group of users.You could see that Firefox updates versions efficiently in order to minimize bugs which may cause some troubles to you and make some improvements in order to give you more comfortable experience on using it.

Currently,Mozilla Firefox 3.0.9 was released to fix some known issues.

  • Fixed several security issues.
  • Fixed several stability issues.
  • Many users experienced an issue where a corrupt local database caused Firefox to “lose” its stored cookies. (bug 470578)
  • Fixed an issue where, starting with Firefox 3.0.7, inline image attachments on popular webmail services (like AOL and AIM) would not display. (bug 482659)
  • Large forms would sometimes take a long time to submit. (bug 426991)
  • In certain cases, new windows would not have proper focus. (bug 446568)
  • According to my analysis,38% of visitors of my blog are using Firefox.Thus,if you’re in that group,please do the upgrading work now.That always benefits you. 🙂

    Upgrade to WordPress 2.7 beta3

    I have heard thousands of times about WordPress 2.7 since it was claimed to have many improvements in every corner.Now it has gone to the third beta and RC1 will be introduced in perhaps next week.Thus,I just upgraded to this version first because the main bugs had been inspected by those senior testers and fixed by the development team.

    At my first glance after installation,a highly integrated dashboard displayed.

    Dashboard It makes things to be easier as you can do most of those in a very short distance.And if you remember,when converted from 2.5.* to 2.6.*,a new function created which allows automatic upgrades of existing plug-ins after several clicks.Now it’s further more.The latest WordPress allows us upgrading the whole platform in that simple way.

    I’m not the professional fellow and I only used it for minutes.So I can get a very skin-deep thing only.I think you’d better to try it by yourself to know better.

    WordPress 2.7 beta3

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    WordPress 2.5.1

    It’s the first release since WordPress 2.5 went to public.This bug-fixed release covers more than 70 bugs in 2.5 version,therefore the user of WordPress should be better to upgrade it into this latest version.

    The key changes are:

    • Performance improvements for the Dashboard, Write Post, and Edit Comments pages.
    • Better performance for those who have many categories
    • Media Uploader fixes
    • An upgrade to TinyMCE 3.0.7
    • Widget Administration fixes
    • Various usability improvements
    • Layout fixes for IE

    There are thousands reasons to get upgraded,right? 😀