My wedding time’s scheduled

After the discussion with my parents and future parents-in-law,my fiancée and I chose February 18th,the fifth day after Chinese New Year,holding our wedding event in Shanghai,China.We need to book the air tickets as soon as possible because that is a hot period for travelling.The fares have been increased compared to the normal days.

By AirAsia(KL to Hangzhou):

AirAsia faresAll fares listed are recorded on November 3rd,2009 and subject to change from time to time,exclusive with luggage charges and meals on board.

*The date that my fiancée and I flying to Hangzhou

#The date that most friends of my fiancée flying to Hangzhou

@The date that some friends and relatives of my fiancée flying to Hangzhou

*#@The date that we all come back to KL

By Malaysia Airline(KL to Shanghai):

If you could afford a higher price in order to get some convenience and perhaps better services,Malaysia Airline will be the nice choice.The return ticket is pricing RM1700-RM1800 inclusive with all charges recorded on November 3rd,2009.

Guys,please inform me your schedule of your flights before November 15th,2009 so that I could have enough time to let travel agent give some offer to me.Thanks.

Though there are still 107 days to go,I think I’d better to make all things on the track first because I don’t want to regret anybody in the wedding event.

Wish all the best!

What’s a boy plunger?

We play Blackjack at home with some friends and family during holiday seasons,especially in Chinese New Year,for fun.The wager is under RM5(US$ 1.5) per hand.However,there are always a few people who can’t control themselves and thus loss with no ending.One of my girlfriend’s younger brother is that type of person.

wearing like Ninja to be an ultraman now...

an extreme new fashion... no words to say...

Merely this kind of fun could only be as a very good negative material.Greed,impatience and unconcentration make nothing successfully,including gambling.Therefore the pictures are only showing that the younger brother and his friend had been losing without control and so they deserved to die hard.This is so call ‘boy plunger’ and hopefully less and less people will be such a guy.


Happy prosperity!

Chinese New Year’s Eve

I’ll have a reunion dinner with my girlfriend’s family like most of other Chinese tonight.I think that will be a very happy,busy and wonderful night.I believe you will have your memorable eve too.

a reunion dinner

Let’s shout it out:Happy Chinese New Year!

Movies in my list

Since cutting my expenses in order to get some savings in the past several months,I’ve seldom been in cinema for weeks.

Normally the beginning and the end of a year always is a peak period for releasing new movies,moreover,quite a number of movies are cartoons and comedies that I prefer.Thus,it could be a must-to-see list here for me.


I like pet,especially doggy.This movie is a story about the brave and lovely super dog with his host.I feel this is a quite interesting theme and so those are the reasons that I want to go for the movie.In fact it has been on for weeks in Malaysia,I don’t think I can really see it in any cinema later.However,I will try my best to get a chance watching it,perhaps just be in front of my PC.


2.Red Cliff(Part 2)

Most Chinese people know this story.I had seen the first part in last year.Frankly speaking,it was just an epic movie featuring with magnificent sceneries.I also know that some people hunts out the movie because of those handsome/beautiful celebrities.Anyway,I only hope some surprises will come in this part.


3.All’s well,End’s well 2009

This becomes series of movies.This current 2009 version starring with famous Hong Kong comedians-Louis Koo, Ronald Cheng, Sandra Ng, Raymond Wong Pak Ming will continue to create extreme happy funny factors for audiences.I could say that it’s a right movie for a right timing(Chinese New Year).


4.Love Matters

It’s directed by Jack Neo-one of top Singaporean film-makers.I like his movie since he always links realities with movies.His cold jokes sometimes are exaggerated,but acutely pointing out some social matters.Really meaningful!

In this movie,three lines of words say everything:

People who lack of love are aspiring after it;

People who stay in love are unable to understand it;

People who have consistent love are failed to clearly see it.

No doubt that I’m willing to know what happens over this simple clue.It seems to be on in Malaysia in February 2009.

It’s a long list,isn’t it?Well,I’ll give out my points after seeing all.Stay tuned! 😛

Chinese New Year 2009(3)

After 4 days,we’ll enter the new year in lunar calendar.It’ll be the year of Ox.


I born in the year of Ox 24 years ago.Some said that Chinese zodiac could be treated as a reference of signs of personal character.For an Ox-zodiac people,he/she may be said to be A born leader, you inspire confidence from all around you. You are conservative methodical, and good with your hands. Guard against being chauvinistic and always demanding your own way. The Ox would be successful as a skilled surgeon, general, or hairdresser.

I don’t want to dip into it as I think people can’t be easily set by the simple words.However,I can’t deny that some points are fitting definitely.Anyway,I always remind of myself that new year is a new start.I will throw all troubles away and bring happiness closely and then enjoy everyday!

Here,sending out another happy Chinese new year song,sang by Nick Chung-a Malaysian singer.

Do you like it? Happy Chinese New Year !    : )