Who would be in your list of the powerful people in the world?

I posted the 50 most powerful people in the world several days ago and many visitors had read it and some of them had left their comments and additional remarks.However,the list will never be the best because we always have our own lists in our heart.For me,I want to light one person up-Wen Jiabao(Premier,China).

Wen Jiabao

We know China has been going on the year with disasters,crisis and challenges-snowstorm at the beginning of the year,Sichuan earthquake in the middle of the year,Beijing Olympics and now the financial bailouts.Wen,leading the country’s cabinet,is doing his best effort to deal with all those matters.

Frankly speaking,from my observation,the economy in China suffers deeply because this financial turmoil and this situation is much worse than people’s estimations.Wen has to take the responsibility to stabilize the country’s economy first in order to help people go over the hard time,besides,he,as a Premier of a conscientious country,must correspond and communicate with other leaders to work out effective solutions and at the same time achieving a political balance in his sagacity.

That’s the reason why he is entitled in my ‘powerful people’ list.So who would be the one you think supposes to be in the global elite?Welcome to state your reasons in the comments. 🙂