Do you need me to say more about it?

These days iPhone is really a hot topic.Every day I read articles from Google Reader and I always get something about iPhone,of course,the next one.Here is I find today:

What do you think the right circle is?I believe it’s a flash light and seems it’s quite far from the camera,huh?Better effect?

I feel it looks a bit weird.Well,it’s just my personal opinion and it would perhaps not be iPhone at all.Well,my wife actually is waiting for the next iPhone(whatever iPhone4S or iPhone5).I don’t think she will like this design. 😛

Lenovo X1 leaked with a super-slim body

Lenovo X300 series were pioneer products of ultra portable laptops although many of other brands’ laptops surpassed them later,in that list,Apple Macbook Air is a very strong competitor.

Well,it looks like Lenovo is going to fight back.Lately Engadget got some snaps from a Swiss e-tailer Tell IT systems and other online locations that Lenovo X1 is ready to go into the market with great performance and sexy body design.

The source says Lenovo X1 is 21.5mm thick,installed one 8GB RAM,an SDXC card reader and a 1366 x 768 resolution display tagged at $2,920 which is not cheap.It will be delivered on May 20th,2011 from Tell IT.

Comparing this latest model of Lenovo X series to Apple Macbook Pro,which one will you choose?In fact,I don’t think it’s hard to decide:for a business man,he will choose Lenovo;for an entertainer,he will definitely choose Apple-all are because of their designs.Am I right: 🙂

By the way,I do think Lenovo priced its X product line too high.

A brief review on design of Ubuntu 8.04 Beta

I had introduced Ubuntu 8.04 Beta in last week.As I am just a beginner of using Ubuntu,there are points I need to learn.So in the past several days I spent most of time on trying and testing it.I find that Ubuntu builds a simple but beautiful design for the whole system.I did some screen shots and now share with you.

Receiving new,replaced credit card

Last Thursday,I just reported that “Credit card info was stolen” which informed by HongLeong Bank customer relation department.

Today I’m surprised that I had received the new card in the afternoon.All the details about cards are remaining the same because it is just a replacement.But the design of the card is different which is a much current used design.Which one is the nicer?

left is the old;right is the new…

I quite enjoy the effecient service and response from the bank(It is not an apple-polish).From my experiences,nowadays we can not prevent those online transactions that they have already been a kind of trends of shopping because of rapid growth of online shopping.At such time,we can not easily confirm which websites are safe enough as there are a lot of bugs on platforms and softwares.And more and more faked websites are showing around.A quick response and effective monitor from bank side is like a firewall for customer to reduce the risk from frauds.

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