Hero Plus comes to save you & your plus one

U Mobile,as one of the youngest mobile operators in Malaysia,recently plays very actively. The Hero postpaid plan which launched months ago attracts a lot of eyeballs and this time,they introduce Hero Plus plan to give you more excitement.

U Mobile Hero Plus

As what you see,it’s actually a combination with Hero P70 plan(principle line) + Share 50 plan(member line). With this Hero Plus plan, 1 principle line and 1 member line can get 10GB shareable data and unlimited call to all lines. It allows 1 principle line to be attached with up to 3 member lines and get up to 16GB shareable data and in this case,the average cost per line will only be around RM55(if no other pay per use charges).

U Mobile Hero Plus member line

Frankly speaking, it’s very competitive compared with the plans offering by local big 3 mobile operators(Maxis, Celcom and Digi). What you need to consider is the network coverage. If you’re not sure of it, my suggestion is to buy a piece of prepaid SIM and test it on your phone first. That most probably could clear your doubts.

Nov 6,the date for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus in Malaysia

The major three mobile service providers in Malaysia – Maxis, Digi and Celcom are all starting their pre-orders or register of interest for iPhone6 and 6 Plus on their websites.

Maxis is doing pre-order on the online store from midnight of Oct 31,2014 and the overwhelming responses seem to crush it quite badly. I feel that Maxis would be the first choice for many people who urge to get the phone asap because Maxis introduces “MIDNI6GT EXPRESS” service for pre-orders,meaning that as long as you’re in Malaysia,Maxis will deliver to you wherever you’re at midnight of Nov. 6th. No queueing OR camping needed this time. I believe that’s the reason why people prefer to choose Maxis – they all wanna get it earlier and steadily. However, currently we could not visit the preorder site yet,it’s still down as people are really crazy about it. You may know the details of the plans here.

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Xiaomi Mi3 will restock for sales on 27 May 2014

The overwhelming response for selling of Xiaomi Mi 3 in Malaysia is definitely expected . Due to the very good response, Xiaomi had decided to open another sales on 27 May 2014,one week right after the latest one. This time,totally 6,000 units will be available to grab.

Mi 3 for sales

As what we heard before, the 3 biggest mobile service providers : Maxis, Celcom and Digi will distribute Mi 3 too. Now DiGi opens register of interest days ago and said that Mi 3 will be available on Digi’s online store on 27 May 2014 too.

DiGi Mi3
Click to go to Digi Mi 3 website.

Maxis is the second telco disclosed the PREORDER information for Mi 3.Yes, 30 May will be the date.

Maxis Mi 3

So where is Celcom now?

DiGi runs 4G LTE network in Klang Valley

DiGi just updated the broadband coverage map showing the 4G LTE network they’re currently running.

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Maxis extends 4G LTE service to Penang,JB,KK and Kuching

Maxis 4G LTE

Maxis moves the steps on its 4G LTE service a lot faster than any other mobile service providers in Malaysia.Being the first 4G LTE service provider in Malaysia,Maxis had announced to provide wider coverage to Penang,Johor Bahru,Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. Yes,they are in East Malaysia now.

The detail of 4G LTE coverage up to now is: Continue reading Maxis extends 4G LTE service to Penang,JB,KK and Kuching