Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

I think I’m not necessary to give out the detail about the huge disaster here again because there’s no reason that we don’t know it.

The disaster causes a massive damage of that country(you can see the facts with satellite images here).Furthermore,it brings a lot of uncountable loss for the nation-no one deserve to suffer that loss in any circumstances.Some source claimed that more than thousands of people were dead and more are still missing.The nuclear incidents are still happening as it’s hard to control in an unstable condition up to date.

We have known that even in a developed and well-prepared country like Japan,the unpredictable stuff is always there to block off the way of recovery.Currently in many cities of Japan,water and other necessities are out of stock and the situation will not soon be relieved since the transport and power supply system were strongly destroyed and has no signs to be resumed soon as the weather there is quite poor and many aftershocks take place all the time.

Many organizations and companies have been moving their steps to donate the goods and funds in order to help Japan overcome the issues.I hope my dear readers can also join the club to donate your love to them.

You can choose to donate something necessary to International Committee of the Red Cross,International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies,World Vision,Groupon and its subsidiary company Groupsmore,many local related organizations etc.Remember that,we are living at the same planet and so we have the responsibility to help each other whenever necessary.

We are human beings because we have affections and we know how to love.

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Hey,my friends!Digi currently takes place an event called “Love to Save”.

Love to Save

I had created one group donation linking with Global Environment Center(GEC) which helps educate the public on environmental issues and natural resource management. Your support will help continue education programmes and natural conservation projects.The only thing you need to do is to click on the below banner and fill in the blanks.Then,as the sponsor,Digi will donate RM5 to GEC.It’s just simple!

Of course,if you wanna donate to other society,you could choose one from the official website with 3 categories-Nature,Health and Social and take some minutes to submit the related info.That’s all.Well,Yes,you’re helping people and our planet with no cost.

Come on!Let’s do it right now! 😀

Give People in Payatas a happy Christmas

In many counties over the world,they have been preparing for White Christmas coming.That will be a warm day for people,gathering together and looking forward to another wonderful year.However,in some other corners of the world,some poor people,they even worry about their meals and living environments.

Christmas for Payatas

People lives in the landfill in Payatas,The Philippines,they always collect materials from garages to sell in order to get some coins,buying foods for the day.Yet,that slight earning is not enough.Thus,many children as young as four years old have to work to make a survival for the whole families.

You can imagine that what kind of life they have.They do not deserve to have such kind of life with dumps around,but unfortunately they don’t have any choice;Rubbish has been a part of their foods,excepting that nothing can be eaten.

Now there is a project concerning on that matter and trying to create a better community for those people.And as what I have known,a group of men,including some star footballers from Manchester United & Arsenal,politicians,celebrities,have joined in that project and started to do something in their own ways,making a change for those poor men.

Friends,could you donate your love so as to give them a very different Christmas?ChristmasForPayatas.com welcomes any cents that you contribute to.

When we enjoy our days,don’t forget the people still live in the dark.

Continue to know more details in YouTube video.

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More options for donating your funds to Sichuan in Malaysia

1.Sin Chew Daily

Please fill in the donation form in the newspaper.

Cheque/Bankdraft to:Sin Chew Daily Donation Account

Send to:Sin Chew Daily head office donation department

19, Jalan Semangat, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

OR any other main offices close to your place.

Hotline:03-7965 8507

Please ask for your receipt when you pay out.


2.Nanyang Press

Option (a):Cheque

Please fill in the donation form in the newspaper.

The title of the cheque is Yayasan Nanyang Press and send to 1, Jalan SS 7/2, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Option (b):Bank in/Transfer

Beneficial bank:Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad

Beneficial name:Yayasan Nanyang Press

Account No.:1403 7001 0070 180

Donators need to mail/fax your deposit slip and your personal information to Yayasan Nanyang Press in order to issue receipts(which can get tax relief).

Hotline:03-7872 6888 / 7650 8666



Please fill in the donation form in the newspaper.

Cheque with the title:KWONG WAH YIT POH PRESS BHD

Send to: KWONG WAH YIT POH PRESS BHD (Sichuan earthquake)

19, Lebuh Presgrave, 10300 Pulau Pinang


4.World Vision Malaysia

Hotline: 03-7880 6414


Thanks FM 98.8 for providing the above information.Love is beyond anything!

The ways to donate to Sichuan

Many people may want to know ways to donate to Sichuan directly.There are some official methods that you can choose:

1.Red Cross Society of China

Bank name: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Dong Si Nan Branch, Beijing

Account number: 02000010090144132—52

Account Name: the Red Cross Society of China


2.China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

You can go through this link to online donation.You can use your credit card to donate your funds easily.


Of course,you still can go to local approved charities to donate,such as Sin Chew Daily.The amount of donation is nothing,however,even one cent can show your love.