Unifi introduces new 30Mbps/50Mbps home fiber services with some add-ons

Malaysians always complain for slow broadband services,expensive bills. TM,as the ‘monopoly player’ in the country,finally introduces two new home fibre services,named as Unifi Advance Plan,to the public.

These new plans,however,unlike the existing VIP plans,provide asymmetrical speeds. For new Unifi 30Mbps priced starting from RM179 as promotion price,it’s 30Mbps for downlink,5Mbps for uplink;for 50Mbps plan priced starting from RM229 as promotion price,it’s 50Mbps for downlink & 10Mbps for uplink.

All new plans are bundled with HyppTV packs and the total price will be varied due to different HyppTV pack you choose.The details for new Unifi 30Mbps are as below:

New Unifi 30Mbps

You can enjoy free services such as HyppTV Everywhere on 2 devices,installation & Activation,DECT phone,500MB/day for TM WiFi,HyppTV set-top-box and Residential Gateway. The charge for voice call will be flat rate 20 sen/minute nationwide.

If you wanna enjoy faster speed(50Mbps download) or more premium channels or others,you could subscribe add-ons. Continue reading Unifi introduces new 30Mbps/50Mbps home fiber services with some add-ons

TuneTalk 4G LTE is around the corner

One of the most successful MVNO in Malaysia,TuneTalk, is just about to start their 4G LTE service. As I’m so lucky to be the first few to try it, I decide to share some speedtest results out to let your guys feel envy !

TuneTalk rides on Celcom’s network that the 4G LTE network is working on Band 3(1800MHz) and Band 7(2600MHz) currently. However,my current device could only work on Band 3,thus the speedtest results may not reach the best performance it could be. Continue reading TuneTalk 4G LTE is around the corner

Start to use Umobile

I registered a Umobile prepaid SIM pack online days ago.Today,through days of delay(the carrier service used by Umobile is lousy),I received it.I topped up RM30 and got another RM4.5 bonus.I applied unlimited mobile Internet costing RM28 for 30 days and started to test the speed.

I did all tests on speedtest.net by Nexus One in my home.The average download speed is around 2000Kbps which is really awesome;However,the upload speed is only around 80-100Kbps,that’s sad.

I could receive 3G signal at home.With my own experience,Umobile has the strongest signal in my home among Maxis,DiGi and itself.The call quality is also pretty clear.So I will keep trying the service from Umobile.If it’s quite ok,I will keep using it and cut the existing service from DiGi.

Cheer up,Umobile!


Yesterday I went out gathering with friends and at that indoor place,the 3G signal was quite bad,only 1 bar left.At a very first time,my phone switched to Celcom 2G network.I made a quick test on it in terms of download and upload speed in EDGE.The result is:

Average download speed:200Kbps

Average upload speed:80Kbps

It’s still usable,but you can’t hope more than that.

Need to stress here that Umobile allows its mobile service users to have data roaming on Celcom network,unfortunately U Broadband users can’t do that.Maybe they don’t want to mess up the 2G network.

So my conclusion is,Umobile is working fantastically,at least for now.