Fifth Progess Update of ETP in Malaysia(with details!)

Today Malaysian PM Najib will release more information about ETP,expectedly some new projects will be announced.

It will start at 12:30pm and the official website will make it live to public by twitter.If you’re aware of the future of Malaysia,please follow them to get the updates or just visit the website to watch in the widget there.

Update: The announcement has been completed.Here are the details gathered from official media:

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Economic Transformation Program(ETP) in Malaysia

The economic in Malaysia recently has been at crossroads.More competitions in global market brings opportunities as well as risks.The Malaysian government is willing to take the chance to lead the country to be high income nation in 2020.Therefore,ETP was born for that goal.

Up to date,Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib announced 19 transformational projects come from 10 NKEAs, contributing nearly RM67 billion in investment, RM36 billion in GNI and 35,000 new jobs.

More EPPs will be announced by stages from PM Najib in the coming months.I’m looking forward to more great news that may drive Malaysia into a better living country.