The Tomorrow Network from DiGi

DiGi recently announced that they are doing some major upgrade work throughout the whole country to solve the network congestion issues and extend their high speed broadband coverage.Also,by upgrading the network,DiGi will have a LTE(a sort of 4G technology) ready and can be working as soon as they get 4G license in Malaysia.DiGi named that upgraded network as ‘The Tomorrow Network’.

DiGi also promises that after the upgrade,more than 95% of the most populated area in Malaysia will have high speed broadband access(EDGE&3G).

DiGi informs that the upgrade will be site-by-site and so some area may have service interruptions during the work and normally it will be at off-peak hour.DiGi users can check when you will be affected by this link.

There are many friends around me using DiGi’s service as it’s known to offer the most affordable phone plans in Malaysia.Well,the complaints about the service quality of DiGi(expecially on rate of drop-calls,slow 3G speed etc.) never stop.

I wish with the deployments of the new network,DiGi could get better reputation and really be the smart choice of their consumers.

Start to use Umobile

I registered a Umobile prepaid SIM pack online days ago.Today,through days of delay(the carrier service used by Umobile is lousy),I received it.I topped up RM30 and got another RM4.5 bonus.I applied unlimited mobile Internet costing RM28 for 30 days and started to test the speed.

I did all tests on by Nexus One in my home.The average download speed is around 2000Kbps which is really awesome;However,the upload speed is only around 80-100Kbps,that’s sad.

I could receive 3G signal at home.With my own experience,Umobile has the strongest signal in my home among Maxis,DiGi and itself.The call quality is also pretty clear.So I will keep trying the service from Umobile.If it’s quite ok,I will keep using it and cut the existing service from DiGi.

Cheer up,Umobile!


Yesterday I went out gathering with friends and at that indoor place,the 3G signal was quite bad,only 1 bar left.At a very first time,my phone switched to Celcom 2G network.I made a quick test on it in terms of download and upload speed in EDGE.The result is:

Average download speed:200Kbps

Average upload speed:80Kbps

It’s still usable,but you can’t hope more than that.

Need to stress here that Umobile allows its mobile service users to have data roaming on Celcom network,unfortunately U Broadband users can’t do that.Maybe they don’t want to mess up the 2G network.

So my conclusion is,Umobile is working fantastically,at least for now.

3G coverage of DiGi

When I was in Malacca,I brought my laptop with me.So I could check emails and update Facebook on time.However,the hotel I stayed is without free usage of WIFI.I had to use my Google Nexus One as a modem connecting to my laptop to surf internet through DiGi’s network.


DiGi has a wide coverage of EDGE,the 2.75G network which is able to provide the downlink speed up to 144Kbps in my experience.However,it could not be suitable to load most websites fast because nowadays those fancy pages always embed with flash and pictures where the size is easily over 1MBytes,meaning that I have to wait at least 10 seconds for each page.I can’t imagine how I could watch a YouTube video or play some Facebook games by using such a wireless service.

I hope when I visit Malacca next time,I could enjoy 3G connection there.Do you hear me,DiGi?