Live happily

I feel that more and more Asians are living with depressions.Competition and comparison bring lot of stress to us so happiness seems to be a difficult thing.

Recalling my time in high school,bulks of subjects were learnt and many activities were attended.That means I had very rare time to do the things I really like.I still remember hundreds of cases in China about students who cannot afford the pressure and so end their lives.

Well,the good thing is now the government in China is doing many researches to adjust the education system.They want students could then be a bit more relaxing on study.However,the progress is moving quite slowly.

I do prefer the way that Americans do:only common studies from Grade 1-12.Therefore,young guys could enjoy their school lives happily and healthily,physically and psychologically.

I believe nobody want to be an outstanding person with psychological disabled.Live happily and positively is my lead and I hope so do you.