Hotlink social edition

Hotlink today released a new starter pack and hot ticket – social edition ,for people who like to enjoy the social life.

Hotlink social edtion starter pack

For new users,the starter pack will cost you RM 10 and give you some freebies such as 50MB data,RM5 for talk & text and unlimited access to Facebook,Twitter & Whatsapp .The freebies would be valid for 5 days once after you dial 122 to make the first call.After 5 days and if you still wanna get those freebies,you could top up social edition hot ticket.Of course,if you’re an existing hotlink,you could get the same freebies when topping up this new hot ticket.

Hotlink social edtion hot ticket

The RM 10 hot ticket will get you 100MB for all day and 1GB during 2am-7am(it’s useful if you’re an owl),RM 7 for local talk & text and unlimited access to Facebook,Twitter and Whatsapp for 5 days.

Call and text charges are as following:

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Facebook Home hits in Google Play Store

Facebook Home

Facebook Home is finally landed in Google Play Store.However,the start is not so great.In current around 1500 ratings,44% of people only rated it for 1 star.

Facebook Home rating

I wanna install and try it in my Samsung Galaxy S3 to see whether that is so bad as other people thought.Well,I can’t do it now because Facebook Home is not available to Malaysia.It’s kind of weird,right? Continue reading Facebook Home hits in Google Play Store

Facebook “Home” and HTC First

Yesterday Facebook held up an event for Android platform.Many people guessed that Mark Zuckerberg would release a Facebook phone and they were curious how would that phone differneciate with other smartphones.Now we know that Zuckerburger is not really building a Facebook phone with sort of Facebook OS,he’s making a phone with Facebook-centric app(launcher).

HTC First

Facebook is cooperating with HTC to push out this middle range Android phone named HTC First,optimizing Facebook “Home” working on it seamlessly as the default launcher.Facebook chooses to make this happen in Android platform because that’s the one with open source and highly customizable compared to iOS and WP8.


The main concept of Facebook “Home” is to focus on social status which has been the most important part of life for people enjoying the connections with family and friends.When you unlock your phone,you will immediately get the latest Facebook status and respond to that by simple clicks.

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Facebook-the land for billionaires

Facebook creates a close online social network to all the users;as a platform,it also creates multiple opportunities for business and some of them have got great returns.

Well,that’s only showing how potential Facebook is.Now It’s about the time for Facebook to show its real value.By the IPO,Facebook is valued at USD38 per share,total up to more than USD 100 billion share capital,being the second largest IPO in USA IPO history if not mistaken.Furthermore,according to the report from CNNMoney,quite a number of individuals and institutions have earned billions from the IPO.


  • Mark Zuckerberg: $1.5 billion ($19.14 billion)
  • Dustin Moskovitz: $285 million ($4.8 billion remaining)
  • Peter Thiel: $848 million ($852m remaining)
  • Mark Pincus: $4.1 million ($158 million remaining)
  • Sean Parker: $38 million ($2.27 billion remaining)
  • Reid Hoffman: $412 million ($138 million remaining)
  • Jim Breyer: $125 million ($320 million remaining)


  • Accel Partners: $2 billion ($4.72 billion remaining)
  • DST Global: $2 billion ($3 billion remaining)
  • Goldman Sachs (GS): $1.25 billion ($1.25 billion remaining)
  • Greylock Partners: $332 million ($1.06 billion remaining)
  • Elevation Partners: $202 million ($1.32 billion remaining)
  • Group: $857 million ($1.28 billion remaining)
  • Meritech Capital Partners: $306 million ($1.23 billion remaining)
  • Microsoft Corp. (MSFT): $287 million ($959 million remaining)
  • Tiger Global Management: $1.03 billion ($1.02 billion remaining)

The valuation of Facebook is based on a very high PE(around 105 times) which from my point of view,it’s not so reasonable.The search giant-Google was only valued at 80 times of PE when it’s IPO.Maybe because many investors also are the loyal users of Facebook and they may realize the importance of Facebook in their lives,they irrationally enlarge the potential of Facebook.It’s the same as a boy falling in love with a beautiful girl and so he couldn’t see any weakness of that girl.

Anyway,the first day of trading will be on in 12 hours.Let’s see who will laugh till the end.

Facebook can send files,pics and videos now

Just minutes ago when I was chatting in Facebook,I found something new in the chat windows.

Look the red cycle there,I think the ‘enlarge’ button is new there.When I click on it,it popped up a conversation asking me to activate my facebook email.After some simple clicks,I jumped into a new page showing my whole chat box into a facebook page.

Did you notice the row under the message box?Yes,there are options to send files,pics and videos and you also could choose to send message by sms.

Till now,I haven’t yet seen any official announcements from facebook about the new features.Maybe they are upgraded in stages and so not everybody could see it?!

Anybody noticed this?Just drop a comment here.So now I could do more in Facebook chat. 🙂