TIME launched the fastest Home Fibre Plan in Malaysia

TIME quietly refreshed their home fibre internet plans recently.No more slow broadband from TIME- from 100Mbps up to 500Mbps is available within TIME Fibre network coverage map,pricing from RM 149 monthly.


No doubt that it’s the best plan in Malaysia up to date. Compared to TM Unifi,you have to pay RM229 for 50Mbps download speed(20Mbps upload) and this is the fastest plan from TM now. For Maxis 100Mbps plan,you have to pay RM 398 monthly which is 2.6 times more expensive than TIME.

However,TIME still only covers limited area and most of them are high rise buildings/high density area.If you are so lucky to stay within the coverage, I think TIME is the best option for the blazing fast internet experience.You can check the coverage over here.

I just hope TIME can cover my apartment,the sooner the better.

Google Fibre in Kansas City

Google always intends to improve the connection quality and several months ago,they started Google Fibre Project to build up fibre optics connections in some cities.Currently,Kansas City,Kansas and Kansas City,Missouri have covered by the service.It’s now open to pre-register and several packages are provided.

The free Internet provides 5Mbps speed,but need to pay $300 one-time construction fee while the other two plans have construction fee waived.

You should have noticed that with the most expensive Gigabit+TV plan,the user could have  the latest Google tablet-Nexus 7. That’s really awesome and it only costs $120 monthly-for all of those.

Currently I’m using TM Unifi VIP 20 plan which costs RM249($79) monthly in Malaysia.Compared to Google Fibre 1 gig plan,it’s 50 times slower and only 50% cheaper.

It’s really a shame!