Google Fibre in Kansas City

Google always intends to improve the connection quality and several months ago,they started Google Fibre Project to build up fibre optics connections in some cities.Currently,Kansas City,Kansas and Kansas City,Missouri have covered by the service.It’s now open to pre-register and several packages are provided.

The free Internet provides 5Mbps speed,but need to pay $300 one-time construction fee while the other two plans have construction fee waived.

You should have noticed that with the most expensive Gigabit+TV plan,the user could have  the latest Google tablet-Nexus 7. That’s really awesome and it only costs $120 monthly-for all of those.

Currently I’m using TM Unifi VIP 20 plan which costs RM249($79) monthly in Malaysia.Compared to Google Fibre 1 gig plan,it’s 50 times slower and only 50% cheaper.

It’s really a shame!

Astro B.yond IPTV

Now more gamers join into the battle of broadband in Malaysia.This time,TIME,the fibre optics Internet service provider,cooperates with Astro,the satellite-based broadcasting service provider to launch Astro B.yond IPTV in some selected area.This is the service bundled with Astro+HD+PVR+VOD+Broadband.

They have several packages to choose:

I think it’s really attractive as Astro has rich contents of TV programmes and the price is actually almost the same with TM HSBB.However,the availability of this service is still very limited.

You can also check the availability in this page.

Not like TM or Maxis that bring all information out loudly,Astro is doing it quite secretly now.Maybe they are not well prepared?Or they are still doing it like trial?Who knows! 🙂

Another 7 days to go

It’s about HSBB again.TM has put a big count-down banner at its official website.It seems to say that the evolution is just at the corner.Well,I hope it will be true.

TM looks like setting up a live page to show that great time.

However,I’m hardly doubting whether HSBB will be really dramatic as we all assumed.I face some slow-down issues of my current Streamyx service.I sent the complaint to the customer service department and they gave me a reply saying that the issue I have to face is because of the highly congested network in my area.I was also informed that they could not promise when it could be solved.

Oops,they even can’t manage the existing ADSL systems,how could they have the strong ability to deal with higher speed fibre optics system?I have no idea.