One week

The past one week was damn busy.My friends and I travelled many places.I’m now sharing with you some pictures which record my footprints of last one week.

Petro Science Museum,KLCC

Redbox,IOI mall

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Resort Cafe and Kampong Restaurant

My girlfriend and I had a Genting trip on last Friday.We took the buffet dinner at Resort Cafe and Kampong restaurant.It was priced at RM37++ for adult.

The dining area is quite simple but nice.

the dining area We reached there at around 5:30pm.It was very early for a dinner,so only a few people in the restaurant.

They provide Asian foods mostly-Chinese,Indian and Malaysian style.First of all,I picked up some Indian dessert as I really was attracted by their colorful patterns.

Indian dessert I had to say that all those were so so so sweet.Sometimes I felt that I was eating candy bar.Maybe they were only suitable with those sweet lovers.

 pasta mushroom soupsalad

After being attacked by the sweet stuff,I decided to take some light/smooth taste foods instead.

The pasta dish was delicious.

The mushroom soup mixed with wheat bread was a good match.

The salad dish was wonderful because they really have many choices for it.

Noodles with some other foods curry laksa

The left large dish was my main course of the night.However,it was just average.The noodles with cabbage soup was nice.The fried fish was crispy.The egg was too salty.

My girlfriend was satisfied with curry laksa.It could let you choose the preferable foods putting into the curry soup.

fruit pudding Malay dessert

Perhaps the chef in the restaurant does like sweet.We just had some small pieces.

my last dish porridge

At last,I took some fried prawns,grilled chicken and steamed chicken.Still just so so.

My girlfriend had some plain porridge with Tofu soup.I like this too.

Thus,the overall is just okay.I paid it at RM50 for two person because I had some discount voucher.I think the restaurant still has a long way to make improvements on their food stuff.

A special trip

I had a trip to Genting last weekend.I say it was quite special because on the way going Genting,I visited Chin Swee Caves Temple and there I got a quite dramatic image of the HELL.

The scene in th hell It’s really interesting and horrible.I know that it’s a way to tell people to be good always.I took the whole set of photos about the hell and Samsara.You could get it in my facebook there.

I like this wonderful lesson.How about you? 🙂

I love this weekend

Well,I have a very full schedule for this weekend.

Tomorrow I will have a shopping and relaxing day and then on the next day,I will go to Genting to enjoy a free,cool and exciting experience. 😀

My girlfriend and I didn’t go to any shopping mall in the past several months since both of us had a very tough financial position.Thus,stay away from those places perhaps is a pretty effective way to cut cost.Yes,now we’re able to release a bit of our pressure because we started to see more and more hopes in front of us.Really great!

I have to face my damn terrible ACCA exams at the beginning of June.So after coming back from Genting,I will put 200% effort on my revision.

Please wish me luck,buddies. 😛

Have a nice weekend!

Another day in Genting

Your guys may think I always go to Genting since I like gambling.Not really!This time I went there is because I wanted to escape from the hot day.

Well,My girlfriend and I brought Kah Wei,the lovely cousin of my girlfriend having a relax day there.We just walked around and ate everywhere.We stayed for a long time in ‘The Bakery’ and we enjoyed the delicious pastries and cakes there.Here we are:

Nice pastries and cakes in the bakery,Genting Highland

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